September 27, 2023

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 Ayade’s Governance Failure As Prince Otu’s Albatross

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By Jesam Ebri

It is the reality that species produce their kind without drastic differences. This assertion translates to the fact that the governor’s choice of a successor will follow in his ignoble footprints.

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It is also no longer news that Governor Ben Ayade has succeeded in dragging our once beautiful and alluring state several steps backwards in almost all aspects of development, ranging from unfinished projects with outrageous sums spent,  reducing governance to comedy skits, and dishing out undeserved  and nebulous appointments to all kinds of people.

Heaps of refuse dumps now define the skyline of our beautiful state capital, defacing our once clean and green state. He has left the citizens reminiscing on the lost glory of Cross River State, while hoping for a better tomorrow which everybody know will never come if the ruling All Progressives Congress remains in power. The people are tired of lies constantly served as meals, an alternative or escape route is now clearly inevitable.

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Governor Ayade himself admitted that he has failed the people in his lamentations in a video where he stated how prepared he was for the state and how it has not ended well as planned. He had cried volumes of tears on that occasion like a repentant sinner but continued the despoilation and rape of the state even after the theatrical weeping.He further lamented on the reality that people still lived in thatch houses five years into office as governor. Thatch Houses regrettably now have more occupants than they were in the first five years of his reign and many more have been erected since then.

His choice of Prince Bassey Edet Otu is expected to cover up the mess done to the State and the people, to continue with the crass performance and the usual lies about what is not and what cannot be. A replica of the current administration must be rejected.  Cross River is almost completely submerged in the lagoon and needs a rescue team to bring it out of the murky waters.

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We cannot entrust our dear state to a man with a godfather like Governor Ben Ayade for another eight years. What legacy will he copy? What footsteps will he follow? The nepotism witnessed in the Ayade years is likely to take a worst turn and in no time, the Back to South  mantra will become Back to the Efiks.

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Senator Sandy Onor is clearly the solution. He is a man of proven capacity in governance and in business. Let’s all go out and vote in Senator Sandy Onor for a new Cross River.

·         Ebri wrote this from Calabar


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