October 1, 2023

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Ayade Fumes As New Judge Dares him, Demands Appointment Letter

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The bitter part of Prof Ben Ayade showed up on Monday in Calabar at the swearing-in of two new judges-Justices Edem Okokon, and Eneji Amajama.





The visibly angry governor suspended protocol to vent anger on one of the new judges, Okokon, when the man told him, in his acceptance speech, to endeavour to sign appointment letters for all the judges appointed by him since he assumed office about seven years ago.





Okokon had told the governor that since he had just a few months to leave office, there was the need for him to sign and release appointment letters to all the judges appointed and inaugurated by him.





Okokon’s remarks came just before the national anthem was to be taken,which would have ended the ceremony.





But Ayade ordered that the anthem be stopped. Then he descended on the new judge and questioned his audacity to raise the issue, when he would have simply whispered to the chief judge.




He said the judge’s comment was an indication that he would not be loyal to him.




Before then, the governor had said that it was painful to him, that all the judges he appointed were not loyal to him.





He had also expressed the concern that the judges had to be giving judgements against his government,especially garnishee orders.




Reacting to the development, Ntufam MBA Ukweni, SAN, expressed disappointment in the governor’s comments and said it was quite unbecoming of a governor who was also a lawyer

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