March 1, 2024

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At 64, Ndoma-Egba Wants Leaders To Serve Honestly

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A former leader of the Nigerian senate, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba has said underscored the need for leaders to serve the nation with all sense of honesty. He said this in a telephone interview with TNN to mark his 64th birthday.
Saying that he was grateful to God for sparing his life and giving him opportunities early in life to serve in various capacities from the state to the national level, the former chairman of the NDDC said he would live the remaining part of his life serving humanity selflessly.
He said he had “many stories to tell because it’s been a very eventful life, so I thank God for all His grace. It’s not by my power or by my might but by His Grace.” According to him, life has taught him a lot of lessons, one of which is that he must not put his trust.
“God has been most merciful to me, I set out as a lawyer, I have reached the apex of the profession. I am not just a senior advocate, I’m also a life bencher; so there is nothing more to aspire as far as the profession is concerned.
“I went into politics, maybe to the height people can in the country, they’ve seen it, and not just as a member but as a leader of the senate. So I think that God has been most gracious and most merciful. Don’t forget that I was exposed to public life quite early and up till now there has been no trace of scandal. So, it’s God’s grace all through.
“I am not the most hardworking person in the country, in my part of the world, neither am I the luckiest, I think it’s just God’s Grace, you know, so I attribute it to God’s favour, not to me, not anything to me, it’s God’s favour and God’s grace.
He said he had learnt so much from life and had no regrets at all. Hear him: “Every experience is a lesson and as far as God keeps teaching you lessons, you will have experiences; the good, the bad and the ugly. The important thing is, do you get the lessons from every situation? May I continue to learn the lessons that every situation presents.
So, what lessons would he like the younger generation to learn from him? His response: “Well, they should have faith in their country and aspire to make their contributions earnestly to their country, exempt themselves to the limits of their environment and ability, there are no short cuts, like they say in my place, short cuts leads to early death.
“Our country has been quite generous to us(the leaders), so we must pay back. We must put back to society, we must give back to our country in fair measure and that we can do only through honest service.”

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