September 23, 2021

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APC Wants Nigeria-S/Africa Ties Cut Off

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Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Felix Kurogha has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to take immediate steps to cut of all diplomatic ties with South Africa, as a result of the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians living in that country.
Kurogha said in an interview with TNN that Nigerians did not deserve the kind of treatment they were getting from South Africans. “The attack on Nigerians by South Africa is a complete show of ingratitude.
“South Africans are unappreciative, ungrateful, haters of Nigerians and heartless. In the struggle against apartheid, our country assisted them on humanitarian ground and financially. At one point just like Ghanian we played the role of brothers’ keepers. It is high time we cut ties with them since the country is no longer safe for our citizens. Let us not forget Nigerians travel out not because we are lazy and poor.
The deputy publicity secretary also recommended that heads of governments should initiate sound policies to stop xenophobic attacks.
On the efforts made by Buhari so far, Kurogha said “Mr president can’t be blamed at all, why do you think he travels abroad often? Let me say these his trips have strengthened our diplomatic ties, lifted our dented image over the years. I think the ministry of foreign affairs, consular, diplomats should be made to realize that their primary responsibility is to safeguard lives.”
In a related development, a Rivers State resident, Bright C. C. Junior has also condemned the xenophobic attacks. “Let me condemn in its entirety, the killing and maiming of foreigners in South Africa. As much as I condemn the act, permit me to state that it is imperative that the fears of South Africans be understood and treated accordingly in order to resolve this issue forever.
“I know for sure that the Nigerian government cannot arrest the persons masterminding this deadly act called xenophobia and the government has limit to what they can do because it’s happening in another country.
“It only lies in the hands of the South African government to arrest and prosecute the persons involved and not the Nigerian government. The much Nigerian government can do is to pressurize the South African government to take decisive measures and actions on the issue, of which the Nigerian government is trying her best on that. So I will say that the Nigerian government has tried.”

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