July 19, 2024

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APC Chieftain Hails Tinubu Over Subsidy Removal

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While Nigerians continue to lament over the increasing hardship in the country, following the incessant hike in the cost of transportation and food items, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress APC, in Rivers State, has commended the president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu for subsidy removal.



Mr. Felix Ekpendu explained that his position on the declaration of subsidy removal by the president, had nothing to do with party, but personal conviction and alleged reality on ground.

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Recall that since Tinubu made this declaration, which affected petrol pump price, the cost of transportation and food items, all over the nation has drastically increased.


Aside the scarcity of petroleum product, the cost of fuel has not been steady. Drivers, commuters and business owners have continually wailed over the harsh effect of the president’s announcement.

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In an exclusive interview with TNN, Ekpendu, who was the PCC Coordinator of Tinubu campaign, in Omuma Local Government Area of the state, explained that, “that very declaration by our president is a very wise decision. The removal of subsidy has reaffirmed that there is renewed hope for Nigeria, and I applaud the president for that.”


He debunked the claim by some respondents that Tinubu’s administration would be the worst Nigeria has ever witnessed.

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According to him, “Tinubu is in the right direction, I can assure Nigerians that he is in the right direction. He came prepared and at the right time. Have you bought gas since Tinubu took over office? Check, the price has gone down drastically, check, not mere saying or paper tiger like you journalists will always say, investigate, kg that was almost ten thousand something is now six thousand nine hundred naira.


“Check zinc also, ask those who bought zinc for building, ask them the current price and compare with the price before Tinubu came into office, you will understand that we just have to endure very little to achieve this better Nigeria that we are all wailing for.

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“It’s gradually, Nigerians should be patient, Tinubu did not come to steal, he came to fix Nigeria, Nigerians should be very patient with him and watch out in the next 12 months what will happen in Nigeria, you will see for yourself.


“I supported Tinubu heavily, I was also his PCC coordinator in Omuma Local Government, in his campaign, and I can assure you like I have done before that nobody is a saint but he is much better and well prepared to lead Nigeria, especially, in a time like this.

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“I disagree with those criticising the removal of subsidy, I think the president has taken a very wise decision, to have removed the subsidy that has put Nigeria in bondage since the Obasanjo administration.

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“Not just Tinubu, other presidential candidates of various political parties promised to remove subsidy, we are glad that our candidate who won the election has fulfilled his campaign promise. I am also impressed with the way he took care of NLC, that has not happened in Nigeria before. When past presidents mention subsidy removal, there used to be uproar, but, since the declaration by our president, see how calm every state in Nigeria is, that shows preparedness, understanding, I believe Nigerians know, believe and can see the genuineness in his efforts, Tinubu is prepared to make Nigeria what we all desire.”

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