December 9, 2023

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Another Look At Zoning Issue In C’River

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Here is my take on the zoning debate: whoever is an advocate of Zoning of Governorship seat to the Southern Senatorial District should himself – if he is from the zone first champion Micro-zoning for Equity or if he is from outside the zone first ask the Southern Senatorial District advocates to first Micro Zone the governorship & the Senatorial positions to the blocks that have never produced a Governor or a Senator in this dispensation (1999 – 2023). 

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Southern Senatorial District has 3Blocks:
1). Old Calabar Block (Calabar Municipality & Calabar South)
2). Old Odukpani Block (Odukpani LGA, Akpabuyo LGA & Bakassi LGA) &
3). Old Akamkpa Block (Akamkpa LGA & Biase LGA)

So how have these blocks fared?
In 1999, the old Odukpani Block produced the Governor (Akpabuyo LGA) & the Senator (Bakassi LGA).
In 2003; again Old Odukpani retained de governorship seat (Akpabuyo LGA) while old Calabar took over the Senate seat (Calabar South LGA).
In 2007; again Old Calabar retained the Senate seat (Calabar South LGA).
In 2011; again Old Odukpani took over the Senate seat (Odukpani LGA).
In 2015; again an Old Odukpani son took over the Senate seat (Odukpani LGA) from a sitting Senator an Odukpani LGA son.
In 2019; Old Odukpani continued with the Senate seat (Odukpani LGA).
In 2023; same Old Odukpani (Odukpani LGA) that is holding the Senate seat wants to transform to be governor in the name of zoning governorship to the South.

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The big question that all of us must answer is this, which part of the South is this governorship power returning to or does Equity not demand that those who go to it must go with clean hands n not with soiled hands?
The LGAs in Old Odukpani Block (Odukpani, Akpabuyo & Bakassi LGAs) have all enjoyed the two positions that the whole 7LGAs of the South share (Governorship & Senate); Old Calabar (Calabar Municipality & Calabar South LGAs) have only had de Senate & the beneficiary was Calabar South LGA.

The Old Akamkpa Block (Akamkpa & Biase LGAs) & Calabar Municipality have never been given any opportunity to go close to any of these two positions or are these 3LGAs not part of the Southern Senatorial District anymore?
For those of us from Southern Senatorial District who are championing the return of power to the South for self-seeking reason which they claim that the south cannot wait for 24years to be governor again, have you asked yourselves if Old Akamkpa Block & Old Calabar Block can afford to wait for 48years to be governor even for once?

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For Equity, fairness & a rancour free process which the southern advocates for zoning of Governorship seat to the South anchor their zoning argument on, I make bold to challenge our southern advocates for zoning of Governorship position to the South to first put their house in order by first Micro-zoning the Governorship & the Senate seats to these two blocks (Old Akamkpa & Old Calabar) before they can be equitable to ask for power to return to the South. And for the southern agenda supporters, please before you join us to advocate for governorship power to come back to the South, ask from the advocates who seek your support; which block is the power going to or is it only Old Odukpani Block alone that makes up Southern Senatorial District?

You can’t be a bully in your own Senatorial District but if someone from another Senatorial District attempt to bully you as you do others, that’s when you suddenly pretend to be an equitable person by running to your community shouting wolf, wolf, wolf while you’re the worst Wolf ever. If we cannot micro-zone power internally, then let’s bury our heads in shame & allow natural justice to take it’s full course. For the beauty of Nature is Equitable Competition & that is where I stand.

If we had an equitable competition in 2015 like we had is 1999 & 2007, we would not have found ourselves (Cross River State) in this mess that we are in today. Competent people were cajoled in 2015 to drop their governorship ambitions for this contraption and embarrassment we have today called a government.

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Our extant laws talk about rotation & to a greater extent Cross River State has not defaulted, in 1999 South had it, in 2007 Central had, in 2015 to date, the North is having their share of power & now for 2023; it’s evident that the principle of rotation is on course as there is no one from the North where governorship power currently resides is asking to be elected again in succession, it’s only South & Central that are seeking for power in 2023 & should any of them (Central or South) gets it, one does not need the power of divination to see or know that power has rotated in line with our laws.

So enough of this mischief & let’s have an equitable competition & let Yahweh decide through us Citizens of the state who should be our next governor & not a few cabal like in 2015 – the pains of that cabal’s mistake are being felt by us all!

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Long live Cross River State!
Long live Nigeria!!

Sir Don Etta
PDP stalwart!

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