September 23, 2021

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Amaechi: Why I Want Wike Out

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Transportation minister, Rotimi Amaechi has attacked the factional chairman of the APC in Rivers State, Mr Peter Odike over his claims that he remained the authentic chairman of the party. He also spoke on why he wants the governor, Nyesom Wike out of office.

In his capacity as chairman of the party, Odike had said in a statement in Port Harcourt that Amaechi had no permission from the party to enter into alliance with the African Action Congress, AAC, to support their candidate during the gubernatorial elections.

A similar position was canvassed by the national party of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole, who said Amaechi acted on his own and did not have the authority of the party to support the AAC.

But in reacting to the claims by Odike and Oshiomhole, Amaechi said through the spokesman of the APC gubernatorial campaign organisation, Ogbona Nwuke in an online interview with TNN, that the duo did not know what they were talking about.

On Odike, he said “I have read the document. The conclusion that any discerning mind would draw from the forgoing is that this man who claims to be the authentic chairman and his co-travellers are not true members of the APC.

Of course he is correct that the APC was not on the ballot. But the purpose of political parties is to seek power, use power on behalf of the people. That quest is what turns them into platforms either for contesting elections or supporting other parties in an election.

If Peter Odike understands this, he would not make those embarrassing but revealing comments that show where he is coming from.

The truth is that he is operating with the support of the PDP and masquerading as a member of the APC.

“It is sad that the National Secretariat which organised congresses which produced Hon. Ojukaye Flag Amachree as chairman in Rivers State has been unable to put its house in order.

Party discipline which is recognized the world over as a binding force has been severely bashed under the watch of Adams Oshiomhole. Our position is that Peter Odike speaks for himself and not for the APC. Can he honestly say that vc after the expiration of his tenure as vice chairman, he still occupies office? This whole thing is sickening.

He also spoke on his role in the crisis currently rocking Rivers State and why he is leading the campaign to take Wike out of office, saying that “it simply doesn’t make sense. We all must speak to our conscience. My mind tells me that the amount of money Wike is spraying has turned reasonable persons to near robots.

So, people draw attention to the misuse of public funds and they are accused of stirring crisis. Down the line, our pensioners are not paid; down the line, the sanitary condition of our state has deteriorated; down the line the working environment of the civil service is nothing that we can be proud of; down the line we have a government under whose watch so many Rivers people have died.

A man happens to lead a group of decent minds who say this kind of thing should not be happening in their state and the next thing you hear is that he is responsible for crisis in his state. I have said somewhere that these are strange times. They are indeed strange times.

Amaechi also spoke on the comments by Oshiomhole. He said these are truly strange times. Certainly, what we are not running is a unitary system. What we have on our hands is a federalist state which recognizes a bit of autonomy.

So, we didn’t need to tell Adams about our plan, against the backdrop that we have no candidates, of our local resolve to enter into  a loose coalition with the AAC for the purpose of confronting Wike.

Oshiomhole is yet to come to terms with the realization that we are not members of a labour movement. We don’t pay check off dues as he was used to in labour. Our check off dues in this instance, are our interests and we are free to pursue them as we like without Oshiomhole saying so.

The only thing Oshiomhole had going for him before now was a sound brain.

Now, the content of that brain is as ugly than some of the physical attributes that he carries around such as his face. I don’t know if it is wisdom to say what comes to mind. That is one problem Oshiomhole must overcome in search for political relevance.

Many APC members across the country are worried by the things that this chairman says. He has obviously become a source of huge embarrassment to the party. It is truly doubtful if he thinks before he talks nowadays.

He also spoke on INEC’s decision to resume collation of results. “I believe we should not be talking about collation. What are they collating? From where did they get the scores? These people shut down claiming the atmosphere was not conducive. They claimed high wire violence and moves to disrupt the exercise.

So INEC staff must have nine lives to do the collation of 17 LGAs under a situation dominated by violence. If they claim to have results collated behind agents of the various parties, then those results are contaminated

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