September 23, 2021

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A’Ibom Will Become Kuwait Of Nigeria – Cleric

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Contrary to the popular belief that Adam and Eve were the first humans that inhabited planet earth, an eminent theologian and General Overseer of the Solid Rock Kingdom Church, Snr. Apostle John Okoriko said Adam was not the first man created by God.
According to him, there was the cunning pre Adam old man, who had carnal knowledge of Eve in the Garden of Eden and influenced her to lure Adam into sex.
Okoriko, who disclosed this to our reporter in an interview, also refuted the claim that Lucifer tempted Eve, noting that Lucifer had never been in the Garden of Eden, but was only made reference to, in Isaiah 14:4.
According to the man of God, the name “Lucifer” was a code name for Nebuchadnezzar, who was a wise and powerful Emperor of Babylon.
Speaking further, he said God instructed Isaiah to speak in parables so as to escape the claws of Nebuchadnezzar.
On why the cunning pre-Adam old man chose to tempt Eve, instead of Adam, he said the man had decided to sleep with Eve because she had womb where he can plant his seed. “Eve never had sex until she met the cunning old man, who had lived in the garden before God created Adam. When the cunning old man knew there was another man who had womb, he went to her to deposit another seed and after the intercourse with the old man, Eve came back and lured Adam into sexual intercourse”.
Okoriko further averred that Cain was the seed deposited by the old man, code named, the “Serpent” while Abel was the seed of Adam.
On his vision for Akwa Ibom State at 32, he said “Akwa Ibom will become the Kuwait of Nigeria”. There’s evidence to prove, after all, we are the largest producer of oil in Nigeria”. On his assessment of the State Governor’s performance so far, he said “Governor Udom is accelerating the vision God gave me years ago. Nobody can alter God’s plan, even if he does not do all”.
He however agreed that we are not where we are supposed to be, in view of our economic status and contributions to Nigerian wealth profile. “Poverty is teaching us how not to be extravagant. We should not be too harsh on Governor Udom Emmanuel, he may not be perfect like every other person, but he is accelerating the plans of God for the State”.

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