March 1, 2024

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A’Ibom 2023: What God Showed Emmah Isong About Annang Politicians

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Unprecedented Rainfall, Flooding Coming to A’Ibom in 2022
1. 2022 is a year where our twelve baskets shall be full of blessings. (Matt.14vs20) Emptiness will be far from you. In an economy that has entered a desert place, you will be exempted by the miracle power of God, which will multiply your bread.

2. Please avoid public fights, raising of voices. There will be a lot of knife stabbing in 2022. People’s hearts are full with anger and frustrations.
3. We shall pray against a children disease in a part of Africa beginning from Kenya, causing infant mortality, its affecting them especially at birth. We pray it should not spread to Nigeria and other parts of the world. God should take it away in Jesus name.

4. Very good year to own a children’s playground and park, you will make money, especially during holidays.
5. Do not abandon the word of God to seek help in Egypt. According to Jeremiah 2:13 “For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.” For those who leave God and go down to Egypt to seek help will fall into wrong hands in 2022 and beyond.

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6. Powerful gospel music albums will hit the national waves as Vessels continue to be humble and serve God and not be proud and uprooted from the presence of God.
7. Bayelsa ! We pray that the error of one man will not rob Bayelsa of the glory of God. The error of one man may rob the entire state of what they are presently enjoying.
8. Be careful against rebellion. Those of you who belong to the sheepfold, God says ‘I hate rebellion, for rebellion is like witchcraft.’

9. Akwa Ibom State! The plans of the mighty shall fail. The Church shall be divided, but God in-between shall have his way. He said, by February I will declare my will to the people of Akwa Ibom and within the few months of prayer, I will show myself. “How are the mighty fallen and the weapons of war perished!” (2 Samuel 1:27).
10. Still on Akwa Ibom State, the oil shall drop only on the head of David and not on the senior brother, Eliab. You may have money, but not the oil. You control the money, but God controls the oil and whose head the oil pours.

11. Cross River State: The confidence of men shall bow to the plans of God. The house shall divide against itself. The anointed shall be accepted, and the selected and appointed shall be rejected. And the people of Cross River shall rejoice. They shall say, we have not had such a time as this before.
12 There will be promotion of the faithful and those who serve God especially in the military, paramilitary and civil service. You will say, can God do such a thing in such a short time? The Lord will says, I am God.

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13. The plan of the enemy in your old office will not stand. They plan to arrest you and mock you. The plan from your old office shall not stand.
14. Another of you here the Lord says, he has taken away COVID-19 attack from you. That dangerous sickness will not touch you and your family, says the Spirit of the Lord.
15. Many who are fathers will become grandfathers and many who are mothers will become grandmothers. Small boys will become big men. The Lord says, in your prosperity always do not forget the house of God. Do not look at the blessing and forget the blesser. Do not look at the creatures and forget the creator. For God is bigger than the things you desire.

16. The Lord says, a lot of those parastatals and agencies especially in Cross River that intimidate the poor will be shaken and scatter. The Lord will fight and answer the prayers of the poor.
17. Pray against cases of celebrities poisoning in 2022. Even if you are not a celebrity, mind where you eat.
18. Continued clamp down on cross-dressers. These boys are becoming wild. A lot of boys want to be girls in 2022. They want to copy those on internet. In fact, it is becoming a booming business. And government is getting worried and trying to clamp down on cross-dressers. Many of them will be arrested, disgraced and locked up as a deterrent to others.
19. We pray against incessant truck accidents and careless road driving caused by illegal road blocks.

20. In 2022, cocaine cartels, drug cartels, drug rings of the very rich. 2020 and 2021 was the yahoo big boys that were exposed but it is going to be the drug big boys this time. Those rings will be burst and many (with billions of naira cases ) shall be arrested and disgraced. Stop drug trafficking now. God wants to deliver you today.
21. This is very prophetic: I don’t know what it means. People are laughing, but yet it is true. People are saying that Daura is moved to Calabar. Some are mocking, saying Calabar has become the capital of Daura. I don’t know the meaning, so don’t ask me.

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22. A public outcry against many Nollywood stars for nudity. A lot of nakedness on internet and television.
23. A year of several awards, prizes and recognitions.
24. Leadership of the terrorist group ISWAP will be in trouble as there will be betrayal among their ranks and files, therefore their hideouts will be exposed, their operational base bombed and people are released.

25. Strange flies like in the land of Egypt all over as a result of some environmental negligence or explanations. Could this be the judgment of God or an attack of the enemy
26. A Chinese technology that will bring a form of ease to transportation in Nigeria. I hope this does not come with a price. Women also in rural areas will benefit
27. Unprecedented unity among the Annang people in Akwa Ibom State. A full strength of reconciliation amongst brothers all in preparation for coming elections. The politicking, cross-carpeting and decamping will continue in both divides of politics in Nigeria.
28. Worldwide emphasis on Eradication of leprosy. Just like there was emphasis on eradication of polio, the United Nations through UNICEF will be deeply involved and the old ancient sickness of leprosy will be attacked headlong.

29. Many prominent, outstanding, intending contestants, especially on this part of the country will be advised to step down. So the names you are hearing on television today, will not appear again in 2022. Some of them will collect exchange positions and negotiate .They have eaten and are full.
30. Heavy rainfall on this part of the South South, especially Akwa Ibom State. Strangely it will have more rainfall than other parts of Niger-Delta. This can be good for agro economic advantage, but if not well managed, it will cause heavy flood and erosion.

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31. Pray for our father in the Lord, Prelate Emeritus Sunday Mbang, that his enemies shall not survive 2022.
32. Unnecessary controversies and complications arising from COVID-19 vaccination. The vaccination continues to run and get recommended by the elites, but more fearful incidences are causing mass rejection and revolution.
33. A certain governor in the South South will lead in technological and scientific contribution. He will win awards on science and technology towards the end of his tenure. It will be so vast that the state will be proud of him.

34. Great mighty men of God who have left the PFN under controversial circumstances will return, reconcile, work with the body and correct some doctrines and the body will be more united than before.
35. Flooding continues, affecting some household items, some buildings. Only God will protect us. Rain is supposed to bring us blessing and not a curse.
36. Students activism and unionism will reach its peak in 2022. We pray it will not lead to mass protests and revolution as in other years, especially old universities ; Calabar, Ibadan and Ilorin etc.
37. Young ones who go swimming, especially in campuses should pray against drowning. Nothing is wrong that before you swim, pray over that water, so that there be no incident. Drowning The Bible says, you shall pass through the water and it shall not drown you.

38. Specific names will be thrown up in this political process. The political process shall be shaken and unknown names, so to say, will be thrown up. Not by might or by power, but by the spirit of the Lord.
39. You will not make your money this year by labouring and sweating. God will connect you to kings to advise them like Joseph. They will pay you for your ideas this year.
40. IPOB gradually changing, negotiating, transforming, at a point becoming an organization, that gives awards and getting assimilated in the system. I am not sure if they will stop their revolution, but I know that their violent tendencies will increase and later slowed down.

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41. This year, walk with God so that you do not lose money in millions in your business. People who do not seek counsel, pray, pay their tithes and walk with the Holy Spirit, study the word of God will lose big money during investments. “Thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, this is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”( Isaiah 30:21)
42. Dry cleaning business will be a very good business. Start small without loans and live like a king.

43. Surprising weddings this year. Wedding of men and women who have been mature past the age. I will give them husbands. I will cause my daughters in Zion to dance and those who have no children will carry their children you will dedicate them unto God’s glory.
44. The Lord says, I will put a difference and honour between those who serve me and those who don’t serve me.
45. Pray specifically for Bauchi state even as you continue to pray for the peace of Nigeria.

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