September 16, 2021

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After I Lost My Pant, My Husband Disappeared

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Three days after Mrs. Ruth returned from Jerusalem, on pilgrimage, her pant disappeared. Same day, her husband went to work and didn’t return. Ruth; mother of three, shares her story with TNN.
I am Mrs. Ruth Nnamudi. I travelled to Jerusalem for three weeks in 2014. I left our two boys and daughter with their father. Two days after I returned, I realized that one of my pants was missing. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. On that same day, my husband left for work and never returned.
My missing pant meant nothing to me; I just felt maybe it’s here or there. I visited my husband’s office the next day and was told he resigned.
I went to churches, performed all kinds of spiritual assignments, reported to the police. Since 2014 till last year, no sign of my husband. I remained prayerful, hopeful, took care of our children.
Thursday before the Saturday of my husband father’s burial, we had to clean the house. While sweeping, I swept out my pant from under our bed, the same under the bed that I sweep always.
I recognized it, I knew it was my pant but who kept it there after five whole years, I don’t know. Then Saturday, while we were about to burial my father in-law, my husband returned.
According to him, he sneaked a woman into our matrimonial room when I travelled, he resigned and relocated to Lagos with the woman, now, he has two kids already with her but wants me and my children to forgive and accept him back.
I don’t know what to do but I can never forgive him, I don’t want to deny my children the joy of having their father back; he said he didn’t know what he was doing but the deed has been done; there is another woman, with two other children, I hate polygamy. How do I tell my children that there is another woman and children? I’m really confused, what do I do?

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