June 13, 2024

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Actress Celebrates Birthday In Orphanage

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Fast rising astounding Nollywood actress, Roseline Stephen, fondly known as Chi Rose is plus one today. The actress took her birthday celebration to the orphanage in Rumukwurushi Clan, in the Obio/Akpor L.G.A of Rivers State.

Chi Rose came into limelight after her role in the movie, City of Jerusalem, she has featured in several movies including Scorned, Royal Magic, Kill and Bury, Political Gladiators, Mysterious Hotel, 21heads and her most recent, Girl No. 10.

Though an actress, she is also an amazing gospel artiste. Her exceptional character when playing roles like gang leader and priestess has earned her a place in the movie industry.

Speaking with TNN in an exclusive interview shortly after her visit to the orphanage, she said, “I am most grateful to God for everything, the journey has never been entirely smooth nor straight, but because He (God) has been leading, all my very little, insignificant efforts have been productive.

“I have always held on to this belief that little is mighty when Jesus is in it. I feel very glad to be celebrating my birthday this year with these children, the joy in my heart is unquantifiable, I can’t explain it.

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“There have been times I lacked, and times I have, times I sought for assistance, and when people sought for mine, all these, I learnt that been there for people in need means more, infact putting smiles on people’s faces is one of my immune boosters.”

She appreciated her family, church, friends, colleagues and fans, “I want to express my heart felt appreciation to everyone, where I am today is all thanks to God, and thanks to my family, church, friends, colleagues and fans. Thanks for wishing me well, your messages, gifts, celebrating me on your pages, I am so grateful, Happy Birthday to me.”

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