June 13, 2024

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Actor Decries Failing Health Of Ace Nollywood Stakeholders

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Fast rising movie actor, comic stunt and writer, Chukwuemeka Sunny Emenike, popularly known as Mista Delicious, has encouraged upcoming entertainers in the country to redirect their dependence on government and the industry to getting an additional means of income.
The skit producer of brother/sister Lienus, who started making waves in the industry with his street show aimed at promoting the Igbo culture, expressed bitterness at the financial helplessness some outstanding actors, actresses, artiste and comedians find themselves during health challenge.
His words: “I am saying this in bitterness of heart, in absolute, complete dismay, it is really not encouraging. A popular actor, actress, music artiste, comedian falls sick and is abandoned in the hospital because of finance, before you know it, his/her picture is everywhere on social media asking for financial assistance, it ought not to be so, if it happens, it should be on rare occasion.
“The truth is, entertainment industry, especially the Nigeria entertainment industry is not what it’s supposed to be. So much has gone wrong. The government doesn’t care, piracy, and then Bollywood, Hollywood and all the woods are almost displacing our home grown Nollywood. So we are at risk of serious loss. Most entertainers, actors, artistes are very famous but financially handicapped, crippled, destabilized.
“In as much as I want to appeal to our big brothers in the industry to look back and pull some persons willingly following up, I also want to advise upcoming entertainers not to give it all to entertainment. Be versatile, do business, explore other areas of entertainment as long as the vision, will and talent is there, entertainment is your talent, what about your purpose, your gift, your career? Let’s spread our seeds, explore and put our eggs in various baskets.
“This will help reduce the wailing over government negligence and pointing fingers against those already established in the entertainment industry who have failed to carry others along. Mr Delicious, as he is fondly called, is an outstanding character when it comes to drunk and native doctor roles in epic movies.

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