June 13, 2024

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Ogu/Bolo Saga: Our Hands Are Clean – Rivers APC

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The APC in Rivers State says claims by a splinter group that its members were attacked in Ogu/Bolo by persons suspected to be loyal to the Minister of Transportation are false.

A statement issued today in Port Harcourt by its Spokesman, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke stated that there is no substance in the allegation.

C’River Assembly Speaker: Why We Succumbed, Confirmed Ikpeme As CJ

“We have said that we have nothing to do with the forthcoming local government election that a renegade group which claims membership of our party wants to take part in.

C’River Assembly Speaker: Why We Succumbed, Confirmed Ikpeme As CJ

“We have maintained that we will not participate in a process that ignores the fact that there is a matter brought before a court of competent jurisdiction by Chairmen and councilors of the APC who are challenging their illegal removal from office by Governor Nyesom Wike and the PDP.

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“Why should we be the ones to attack them? What will be the motive? We wish to state emphatically that the claim put forward by supporters of Senator Magnus Abe and his cohort, Hon. Igo Aguma is completely illogical and baseless.

“Members of the illegitimate group who are parading in public have been claiming openly that they have secured concessions from the PDP Government to take control of Ogu/Bolo.

The Dancing Governor Called Diri

“If you were to be a registered member of the PDP nursing an ambition in an election in which votes will not count, will you allow a stranger to take what belongs to you?

“If PDP members in the area are backing these non conformist who are claiming membership of the APC, would the PDP sit back and allow the APC as, they claim to attack people who are collaborating with it?

The Dancing Governor Called Diri

“Supporters of Senator Abe who have lost their support base in Gokana should ask themselves critical questions. Name calling in this instance, will not solve the problem.

“We are glad that our accusers have conceded that the APC is strong in Ogu/Bolo, but the idea of resorting to violence in order to stop them from participating in a process barred by the party is not consistent with our DNA..”

C’River Assembly Speaker: Why We Succumbed, Confirmed Ikpeme As CJ

“For the benefit of the press and the Nigerian people, we restate that we have nothing to do with what transpired at Ogu/Bolo.

“We urge the good people of Rivers State to disregard the allegations made by the Abe group. Their allegation truly makes mockery of reason.”

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