September 23, 2021

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2019 Calabar Carnival: Ayade Calls For An End To Wars

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The governor of Cross River State, Prof. Ben Ayade has called on nations of the world to put an end to wars and crisis and embrace peace.
According to the governor, who made the call during the flag off of the first dry-run of the 2019 annual Carnival Calabar, he said; “kindness should rule the mindset of people around the world, peace cannot thrive in hostile environment.”
Ayade who spoke through his deputy, Prof. Ivara Esu in Calabar, described the state capital, Calabar as an accommodating and friendly city that is most suited to host the carnival which has an international outlook.
He commended the theme of the carnival, saying that irrespective of race, religion, tribe or culture, citizens of all countries were still human beings.
According to him; “Humanity should be something that should prevail among us as a rallying factor. Bangladesh will be attending the carnival in December for the first time,”
He said that the theme of the carnival “Humanity” was chosen to draw the attention of the world to be humane and to live in peace with one another.
“As we flag off the 2019 Calabar carnival, the theme has been designed to see people as human beings and not as robots.
“We call for an end to wars and crisis all over the globe irrespective of religious, tribe or ethnic group. A human being is a human being irrespective of status in the society.
“We should be kind to one another, that is the focus of this year’s carnival and we hope that the bands will try to interpret the theme in their colourful display,” he said.
Speaking, Mr Gabe Onah, Chairman of Calabar Carnival Commission, said that the 2019 edition marks another circle in the annals of the history of Calabar carnival.
Onah said that before the flag off, the commission had taken Calabar carnival to Accra in Ghana and other parts of the world.
He maintained that the festival has become the largest street party in Africa.
“We have received two foreign embassies that are here to partner with us on the business side of the carnival.
“For the first time, we will be having three Asian countries at the carnival village; Bangladesh, Vietnam and Dubai Tourism. They have arrived at the camp and have also visited some tourists’ sites in the state.
“As we continue to improve on our efforts to create livelihood for our children and unborn generation, we believe that by the time this embassies continue to showcase and partner with us, they have taken us to the world,” he said.
Also, Bangladesh High Commissioner to Nigeria, Amb. Shammed Ahsan, had expressed excitement, stating that he was happy to be invited for the carnival.

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