My Life Now In Danger But This Bayelsa Prophet Must Return My Car -Seiyefa Sayou Featured

My Life Now In Danger But This Bayelsa Prophet Must Return My Car -Seiyefa Sayou

It is likely that Apostle Kingsley Abiekunogho may have tricked his many followers in the past and forced them to part with their money or property, just as he allegedly did to Seiyefa Sayou, the man who was made to surrender his SUV car to him in anticipation of a miracle that his anointed prayer would generate. That was in September last year.

Just like other followers of Abiekunogho who flood the God is Able Mega Fire Ministry, Opolo, Bayelsa State regularly for miracles. The prophet calls himself demon destroyer and makes his followers to believe that he has the ability and powers to destroy whatever demons that may be standing between them and prosperity or whatever they are looking for.

That was what Sayou was told by the person who invited him to attend a special prophetic programme with the prophet. He went there riding his SUV believed to be worth N6milion but went home aboard a tricycle. And since September, he has been using tricycles to go to anywhere he needs to go. The prophet collected the SUV from him in the course of the service.

Sayou says he was hoodwinked and hypnotised to surrender his car. The matter is now a subject of litigation. But what seems to be of more interest to him is his car. He wants it back in good condition. He also wants to be alive to enjoy the car. But he is afraid that with the threats he is getting, his life was at stake.

He spoke to TNN over the telephone on this and other issues.



You are now climbing bike after giving out your N6m jeep to a pastor as a seed. How does it feel?

I wouldn't know. The only thing is that I love God. If God says I should give the last thing, I just believed that it is from God and he is going to reward. I feel bad , but I am just trying to get used to it now because since September, I am getting used to it. How will I do when you don't have money to get another one. I just hoped that God will bring it.

What were the things that were going through your mind that time you decided to handover your car to the pastor?

Nothing. Just that I didn't know myself. I was just like somebody that was hypnotised.

At what point did you get a clear idea of what happened to you?

That was after one month.

What was your wife's first reaction?

When she saw me with polythene bag coming back home, she said what happened to the car? I said well, God asked for the car and I have given it to him. She said 'okay, if it is God. Whatever he asks for, that means he will bless us.' That is the only thing.

When you went to the church and they called you out and asked you to sow the car as a seed to the church, what need did you have that you wanted God to meet?

It was not the car they wanted at first. It was cash they wanted. So, I went out for the seed I had. It was from N100,000. And I had N15,000. I had to go out to go and borrow N5000 to make it N20,000 to go and sow. When the man of God started touching me, asking me how many accounts I had, I said one; he said how much do you have and I said this is all that I have. And he was surprised. Then he asked how many cars do you have and I said one. He asked what kind of car. As he was talking, he was touching me. When I told him, he said give it to God.

You did not object?

What will I do? I was just like a mugu.

Have you been to that church before?

No. It was just an invitation. A friend invited me. After then, somebody was asking me where is your car and I said it is in the mechanic. My brother, I don't want to talk about this thing again. The people are asking me not to talk about it again, I should dialogue. But the matter has been adjourned to April 4.

The matter is before the court. What do you expect from the court?

I really want my car back. They should check and make sure the car is okay, because I sense that the engine has knocked somehow. They have spoilt so many things. When I called to check the price of those things, they were telling me N1.2m. I don't know the extent of damage. But we will call a mechanic and check. If he complies, fine. If he does not want to comply, let the law take its course.

Will you want him to be jailed so that other prophets can learn from that?

Hmmmmm. That is not my concern. What transpired for the matter to go to court is that already at the area command office, we wanted to settle it, after people had talked. They told him to return the car and he kept on posting us, saying he sold the car for N1.5m and the buyer is demanding for N3m. The last day the area commander gave him to return the car, he came back that day and he knew that the matter was not like that again. They told him to go and give the man(who bought my car from him) his own car and return my own car.  That is how they did and they recovered my car back. So, the area commander was asking me what do I want and I said I don't want anything since I have seen the car. At that point, the wife stood up and said somebody snapped the husband while they were trying to take him to cell and sent it to one of the journalists and he said he is not going to take it lightly; that I am going to pay for libel. He said he will call his lawyers and the rest of them. So the police decided to take the matter to court.

At the end of the day, if he does not want to agree to your terms of returning your car in good condition, will you want the court to jail him?

I don't really know. I don't really wish anybody that way. My own is for God to touch them to release my car. I want peace. If we check the extent of damage, then he can fix it. But if he wants to prove stubborn, let the law take its place. It is not my wish for anybody to go to jail because of me.

Do you think this is God's way of punishing him for deceiving people?

I don't know, he is saying he is a man of God. I wouldn't know. Mine is that what I wanted did not come to pass. I don't know if he is deceiving people. But me, I really want my car because what he told me has not come to pass.

When you see other prophets now, what are the things that get into your mind about them?

I have decided, this kind of thing has taught me a lesson. I will be careful about this type of churches. I used to be a redeemer. Maybe, it may make me to fall back to that place or Ibiyeomie church. I see so many people sowing seed in that place and giving testimonies but he does not force you. These are the kind of churches I will like to worship, not this one that will want to see your family problems and say your mother is a witch. I want to put a stop to it.

Would you say the man is a fake prophet?

I would say o. If I say it, some persons might say no, that he has done one thing for them. Let God judge. All I want is my car back. One of the elders in his church called me and I told him I don't want any problem. If they come, we will talk and we will put everything in writing and on that day when the matter comes up in court, we will just say we have agreed and submit it to the court and strike the matter out. They say they will meet and see how they can take this matter out of court. So, after their meeting, they will tell me.

Have people threatened your life because of this matter?

Yes, especially some of his boys. Even himself threatened me in the police station. Somebody called me on phone and said that is a black axe member, that if I don't release that car, he is going to deal with me. Then the other guy said he is going to deal with me. Then he himself said he will deal with me, that I should bring the best lawyer; that since I have made him to enter cell, that he is going to deal with me in another way. That is what the pastor said.

Do you feel that your life is in danger right now?

My life is in danger, but I leave it in the hands of God. At least everybody is aware of the matter now. I have reported to my family members. So, if anything happens to me now or after this time, he should be held responsible. He is a spiritualist. It can come by assassins, it can come by anyway.

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