Kimse Okoko: Dickson Is A Total Disappointment

Kimse Okoko, renowned professor, activist and community leader, former president of the Ijaw National Conference, former chairman, Committee of Pro-Chancellors of Federal Universities, is currently the president, Conference of Ethnic Nationalities of Niger Delta. He was at a time, the Chairman of the Governing Council of the Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State, before he was moved to the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State for the same job. In this interview with TNN publisher/Editor-in-Chief, OFONIME UMANAH, and Deputy News Editor, GODSWILL JUMBO, he gave his unflattering verdict on the state of things in his home state, Bayelsa, the Niger Delta University, resurgence of militancy and political violence in the Niger Delta, among other issues. Excerpts:


Dickson IS An Emperor –Kimse Okoko

all our courses accredited except perhaps one at the time. But look at what Dickson has done to the university, he has ruined the university. As you know, recently, they lost accreditation for eleven programmes because this man Dickson refused to fund the accreditation process. Funding accreditation process is critical. That is the time when you satisfy all the requirements for the accreditation to take place; buying of equipment, materials, consumables, etc., and Dickson refused, I repeat, refused to give any funding for that process. And they lost accreditation for eleven programmes. That is the sad story for that university.


I Pity Bayelsans –Okoko

Drastic reduction of the monthly allocation because the IGR base in Bayelsa is almost minimal. But if he had saved, if he had done things which he ought to have done, prioritise them, by now people will sympathise with him say look oh, the man tried. Now that there is no money… it will be easy for somebody to rally around him. When the money was there it was not well-spent. So I cannot sympathise with him. How can one sympathise with him? I sympathise with the people of Bayelsa because they are suffering. Really, really suffering in Bayelsa. No salaries for months. Even pensioners have not been paid for months. When things were good why didn't you pay the salaries of pensioners? For months now, they are owing them. As for local governments (laughs) like most governors have seized control of local government, use the money anyhow they like. That is the tragedy of Bayelsa State.

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