“Why We Want Owan Enoh As Governor”

“Why We Want Owan Enoh As Governor”

Chris Agube, Ex-chairman, Abi Local Government

We rose from our meeting(past local government chairmen) and we all agreed that there is no other person than our own, the limousine politician, the one we know, the distinguished Senator John Owan Enoh.

I have known him since 1999. In our constitution, we have three tiers of government, the federal, the state and the local government. But as we speak, there is nothing like the third tier of government in our state. There is no local government administration in this state. We need a governor, Senator John Owan Enoh, that is coming to conduct local government election so that our people can see the need to do the things they need to do so that there can be development at the local government level.

Prof Esu Esu, Calabar Municipality:

My brothers and sisters, I come from Calabar municipality in the southern senatorial district of Cross River state of Nigeria. All of us from Cross River know that from 1999 to 2015, Cross River state had been building on progress, had been building on infrastructure and improving on all aspects of human development. But it is regrettable that in the last three years or more, we have seen something that has shocked all of us. It has never been this bad in our state. Some people have turned the hand of the clock. Cross River state has been taken 30 years behind. If we allow this government another four years, we would be taken back 60 years.

This project we have at hand is not about the southern senatorial district. It is not about the central. Neither is it about the north. It is about a larger Cross River state. Speaker after speaker have spoken about the rescue mission. We are all on this boat to rescue our state from decay, from deception. They tell you about the deep seaport. They tell you about super highway. The Calabar highway has become a death trap. You will weep for Cross River state if you see the roads in Calabar. If it so in Calabar, the state capital, what about other parts of the state? There is decay, there is backwardness. There is high level of nepotism where everything is about one family, about a group of people and not about Cross River state. This is not about anybody. It is about Cross River state. We must come together. We are with Owan Enoh to support him for the governorship race. He has thrown his hat in the ring that he wants to run for governorship. That alone is a good decision he has taken. All of us must follow him; all of us must support him. We are on ground. They cannot win the election. We cannot toy with this chance. It is the only chance we have to remove Ayade.

Tom Agi, Ex-commissioner:

We are worried that all the efforts of our past leaders in the state have gone down the drain. I have known John Owan Enoh for the last twenty years.  I knew him in the House of Assembly. The first job I have done in my life was to be in the House of Assembly. I didn't work anywhere. And at that time Owan had been a lecturer in the university for six years. So each time they brought bills into the House of Assembly, those of us who just finished school would need an interpretation. So we called Owan to call other lecturers to educate us on what most of those bills were. We were not in PDP. We were in APP then. Owan had mentored us because he was our minority leader.

He had a larger dream than a lot of us. He had a project for the empowerment of his people then. We defected to the PDP the same day. While I got the ticket to go back to the House of Assembly, Owan got the ticket to go to the National Assembly. He has remained in the National Assembly and has done tremendously well for us. We found ourselves drifting and a lot of us appealed to him to come and rescue us. I come from the north. The first thing you do if you have money is to put it in your pocket. I am sure if your pocket is leaking you will not put your money in that pocket. Ayade is a good example of a leaking pocket. Therefore, we do not need to put our money in the pocket that is leaking. That is why we have called on John Owan Enoh to rescue the state. It is not for the benefit of the central. It is not for the benefit of the north. It is for the benefit of Cross River state. Owan is the singular person that has made me change to APC. I will do my best to support him. You know when politicians change party, they change to come and run elections. Let me tell you that I am not coming to run any election. I am coming to support Owan for the rescue of Cross River state.

Takon Takon, a trumpeter from Bendeghe Ekiem:

I came to support John Owan Enoh become the governor of Cross River state. I am the leader of the original brass band of Etung. If he becomes governor, I want him to mobilise the band and buy us more equipment. We are not happy with the present government. We are suffering. There is no job for our children. Youths have joined cult groups and there is violence in the communities. Let Owan Enoh come and stop all these. We need to live in peace and unity with one another because united we stand and divided we fall. We also need good roads. We have not had electricity for over a year in our communities. We have been paying bills without any electricity. The current governor is aware of our plight but nothing has been done about it. I am very sure that Owan Enoh can provide the amenities we need. With God, all things are possible.

Mrs Elizabeth Igiri, leader of Owan Enoh's support group from Obubra: 

We are here to let Owan Enoh know that our group is in full support of his going there as governor. The present governor is not doing what he is supposed to do and we are just tired of everything. We are even tired of him. When Owan Enoh becomes governor, we want him to provide funds for our group to empower more people in the area of cake making and many other things which we are currently doing. He is personally sponsoring this group. Last time when we had our graduation, he was there personally in Obubra. We were given so many awards and scholarships. We want him to become governor so that he will do more for us.

Chief Michael Otu Edebe, 97-year-old clan head of Bashua in Boki:

I have come to witness the declaration of my son, Senator John Owan Enoh. I expect him to succeed in the governorship race. And when he becomes governor, I want him to develop Boki local government area, provide amenities and give scholarship to our youths. I want him to give us Ogoja State and give us more local government areas when he becomes governor. I am not satisfied with what is happening in the state. When Ogoja state is created with more local government areas, things may be better.

Mr. Stephen, leader of support group from Ochon:

We came all the way from Ochon to support Owan Enoh so that when he emerges as governor he would give us job. He should empower us. We Cross River youths are ready to work but there is no job opportunity. Some of us have finished schooling and are just roaming the streets because there are no jobs for us. He should also provide scholarships for some of us to go further in our education. I am an orphan, I have nobody to train me further. I dropped out because the money is not there to train me. So I am going on the street to survive. I am not happy with the present situation. I want to be a graduate.

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