Security Votes To Governors: A Pocket Money?

One of the greatest challenges of governance in the south- south, and indeed in all parts of the country today is security. An undisclosed sum of money is provided for the various states in the name of security vote frequently for the purpose of tackling cases of insecurity. The exact sum is never made public.


Ayade: After 3 Years In The Saddle

The performance of every government, whether at the state or federal level, in this part of the globe, is partly measured by the number of infrastructural projects executed and employment opportunities created within a time frame and how it impacted the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the people. Some people measure the success or failure of government partly by these time-tested indices which have far reaching impact on the lives of the people. In this case, road construction, provision of hospitals and other health facilities, schools, water supply, physical infrastructure and industries go a long way in giving a government a pass mark or otherwise in the estimation of the vast majority of the people because the presence or absence of these facilities affect everybody's well-being directly daily.

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