This is Eneka, Where Flood Victims Are Still Homeless And Hopeless

They have become endangered species. They have no home. They have no hope. Their families have been washed away by the ravaging flood. A visit to the Rumuchiolu Annex, Eneka residential estate will melt even Pharoah's heart. Theirs is a bad situation. The flood water has messed their lives up. And it has been like that for about three months now.


Wanted: Revival Of Tree Planting Culture

Do you have trees where you live? Not just flowers, real trees. If not, why? Are they not fit to stand in your premises? Would they break your fence or take a large chunk of the land you bought with a fortune? Can you imagine having just a few trees at strategic points within your vicinity - a place to meet with nature, a place to relax and unwind, a place of lively reflections? Yes, a place to meet your maker without dying, in the cool of the evening, just like it was between Adam and God, think about it.


Going to Oyigbo From Port Harcourt? Your Name Should Change To Patience

Oyigbo, also known as Obigbo, is a town not far from Port Harcourt. According to Wikipedia, the distance from Port Harcourt to Oyigbo is just 30 kilometres.  Regarding the driving distance from the former, five minutes is quite enough time to arrive at the latter, if all were uhuru. But that is not the case because of the perennial traffic congestion for which this route had become popular.

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