Ayade: I'm Ready To Quit On December 9 If The Worst Comes

Ayade: I'm Ready To Quit On December 9 If The Worst Comes

... Being excerpts of the remarks made by Governor Ben Ayade last Friday when his aides organised the people to receive him at the airport, after spending about a month outside the state.


Thank you for coming in your large numbers. The people of Cross River are patient. We have a heritage akin to a people that love each other. Never in the history of Cross River State have we had a situation where brothers fight at this extreme level.  Let it be God's will that brings peace and unity. Let God's judgment prevail. God is a wonderful God. God shall not forsake us at this point God because God sees the heart. When we started, we knew the situation of our people. I am a child, born into poverty so I understand the circumstances of my people. I set out with a clear idea that as we continue to do only the traditional in government, our people would continue to suffer. I decided to go deep into the deepest ideas to find a way to completely decouple Cross River State from the dependence on Federal Allocation. It is against that background that I decided to seek big big projects that ordinarily would be beyond the capacity of Cross River State.

But once God is in charge, once God is leading, once you are righteous, when the righteous people are in tune, God will take control. Today that impossible seaport has been designed; it has been completely restructured to the extent that we have gone further to 16 metres. The superhighway is completely designed, the route path completely surveyed and fully opened up, waiting for final approval for construction to commence.

Why did God tell the people of Cross River State that all those great dreams open up our natural resources, to create the rice city, to create great dreams, the garment factory, to create jobs, to build seaport, all these great projects? God will never stop them. God will not. God is greater than any law. God is greater than any might. You might have the intellect or legal capacity. You may have the capacity to manipulate anybody, but you can never manipulate God.

God sees our heart. I came into this office through the inspiration of God and I swore in that name of my late parents that I will always do that that can help the people. Today we are before the court of man to decide the fate and destiny of Cross River people. God shall take control. God shall establish himself. The lion of Judah shall conquer because truly in the name of God, I am totally innocent. And God knows the truth. God knows the direction of this government. He knows the allocation we get. Every day in my life, I only think about the salaries of my people. That is all I do. If that is all I can achieve, let me achieve that. In my own inauguration, I said no person should go to bed on an empty stomach, so that is why I focus on salary. That small insignificant salary in spite of our allocation slips down to the grassroots. That is why I believe God brought me here for a purpose and God shall not disgrace us. God shall not send us out in shame. God knows our heart. God knows the innocence, and I cry to God for the manipulation of man will come to nothing because God sees our hearts. I cry to God and I call God severally, I dedicate today to God that if indeed I came to serve, I came with intention. If indeed in know no sleep because of the people of Cross River State, even before I came here today my battle is the payment of local government salaries. I insisted that two months must go at a stretch to be able to bring them up to speed. We don't have the money, but we have the spirit, we have God and the fear of God. God will go ahead of us.

Worry no more, cry no more, fear not. If the worst happens, it is God's will. We have no capacity to appeal at this level. We can only appeal to God. But God, you know our heart, you know the case in question. This is not brotherhood anymore, this is extreme. I have never seen this in my life. I saw and that is why my politics philosophy and motto was politics with ethics. I saw that I would be one politician who would not have an enemy. And that is why even at the heat of the politics, I decided to withdraw from the governorship and went down my knees and prayed to God that I have withdrawn from the governorship race, but if it is your will let it come back. I went and picked the senate form. I was preparing to run election for senate, God called me and said come and be governor. I am a child of God. I am a servant of God. No man can put God down. God created this heaven and earth. God knows our heart. I want you all to be strong with me in prayers. Let us fast and look unto God, because only in God shall we have salvation and freedom. I thank you all for coming in your large numbers. At the fullness of time, God will reveal himself to man.

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