Egbona InThe Eyes Of His Constituents

Egbona InThe Eyes Of His Constituents




Wilfred Alex Ofem

I feel highly elated to have Chief, Dr Alex Egbona as my House of Reps member. Indeed, Alex Egbona's victory at the polls is a total reflection and manifestation of the people's choice and mandate. I believe he is going to touch the lives of his constituents positively. His victory at the polls is for the betterment of our federal constituency.

The yearning of people was stated clearly at the polls. They expect excellent, credible and effective representation.


Eja Terrence Richard

I am from Abi Local Government Area, one of the two local governments that make up the federal constituency Dr.Alex was elected to represent in the 9th Assembly.

My take on his election to represent Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency is that light has prevailed over darkness since the return of democracy in 1999 in terms of representation and leadership in our constituency. 

Abi/Yakurr has suffered lots of development deprivations mostly in the area of social and physical infrastructure, as well as human capital development. This prompted the people to agitate for a better character to salvage the ugly situation based on trust, past records, nearness to constituents, truthfulness, God fearing, good understanding of the peoples yearnings, someone that will fast track development in the area and a representative that will not go and remain in Abuja to return on the next election period.

All these qualities were seen sufficient in Dr. Alex Egbona; that was why the people of Abi/Yakurr massively voted for him across party lines, to represent them in the green chamber. Alex is one politician that believes the kingmaker (the electorate) is stronger than the king(the representative) and as such the people need to be valued, respected and rewarded with development and general good governance.


Mr. Romanus Cyprian Egbonyi,

The man, Chief (Dr) Alex Egbona, is a born leader, a man who is worthy of emulation. He is a philanthropist who always engage in helping the needy. Rendering of selfless services to humanity has always been his hobby. Empowerment and employment of the youths, scholarship to brilliant students, agricultural inputs support to farmers, financial support to promote small scale entrepreneurs, free medical care, amongst others, have always been part of his life since he ventured into politics.

Dr. Alex Egbona Always make education a top priority in his agenda because he believes education is the transformer the society needed for lightening and development and that when there is education, there is a transformer in the society and when there is no transformer, there will be a total societal black out.

Having emerged the only successful candidate of the party in the just concluded general elections in Cross River State, Dr. Egbona will be seen as the governor of Cross River State by APC members because he now represents Cross River State Constituency of the APC in the lower legislative chamber

Chuks Agube

The waiting period after the election was just like a man whose wife is pregnant. It was a hard-fought victory and I am happy because it is a dream come true and a victory for democracy.

Egbona's victory is seen as a political, economic and social policies breakthrough for the people of Abi/Yakurr which I am part of. This victory will translate into tangible economic development that will be evidenced by improvement in the lives of Abi/Yakurr people as contained in the campaign blueprint which he called "My  pledge".

Whether I was afraid at some point? Fear will always come into minds of people and I was one of those persons because of the antics in the party, outside the party and close associate But our determination to rescue our people from being over-run by those who want to pillage our collective patrimony makes us conquer as God Almighty showed himself


Igbo Timothy Emmanuel

This is a welcome initiative and I laud it. So we expect that as a federal representative to his people, he should be a voice that speaks as a messenger for his people, stand for the masses and do what is right as we know he has always done. It is an opportunity to put himself and his people at the central stage now. God help him.

Well the old people will say nothing good comes easy, we all know for sure in a clear race he will win even if the election is conducted 10 times. By the way it is who God has blessed and who has been chosen that is supposed to be our representative. Gone are the days when anybody, because of influence or affluence, will be in power or leadership.

My words for my beloved people in Abi is, push and support your son, father, uncle, brother and leader. He that the cap fits let him wear. God has raised him as the David of our time. Let's not pull him down by our words and actions; let's remember him in our prayers. I know since he is always in his right frame of mind, our requests will be heard and met.  I know him. We have heard him speak and manage sensitive political offices. So I am not just speaking vaguely. God will help him for us, but let's do our part. After our vote, pray for him before we  ask from him.

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