I've Always Loved To Keep Long Hair. But I Shaved It To Honour My Late Dad – Kelly

I've Always Loved To Keep Long Hair. But I Shaved It To Honour My Late Dad – Kelly

The ambitious astonishing dancer with the ace PSK Crew, Victor Kelly Okezuo is making entertainment news again. His first appearance on screen was for his distinctiveness in creating dashing moves that overwhelmed his teeming audience whenever he stepped on stage. Now, is his change of look after the death of his father. The Imo state born cutie spoke with TNN entertainment.



You look dashingly smallish.

(Laughs). You mean it?

Yeah, am sure your hair cut reminds your mum of when you were a toddler

That's funny; don't think I look that small, do I?

Not really, but somehow.

(Laughs). My dad must hear this.

You said you will never cut your hair, what changed?

I didn't say never, I did say I won't cut my hair. There is difference between I won't and when you add never to it.

But you were so emphatic about that?

Yes, I was very sure I wouldn't, but things changed.

Why did you grow hair?

When I was six, I wanted to look white, to look foreign. I so admired them, we called them Oyigbo. I told myself that once I grow up, I must keep my hair. So, after secondary school, I tried to, but my parents refused, especially my dad. He vehemently kicked against it, right there in high institution, he still refuted. I barely travelled home because I needed to nurse my hair and that can only be possible in school. But sadly, I will still have to cut it once I am going home. It was not too cool, four months, six months without seeing my parents because I needed to nurse my hair, meeeeen, it was torture. I tried making my dad accept but probably the whole pastor thing made him stick to his capital uncompromising no.

Your dad is a pastor?

He was a senior Rev. Minister till he died.


He refused. I had to do it my way under the umbrella of my dancing profession. Growing my hair made me look my thing; I felt me, I felt myself doing my thing. I was feeling unique, different even among my crew and it was quite easy to identify me, the one with the hair.

Apart from your dad, what about......?

(Cuts in) My fans? Those who appreciated my steps and enjoyed my style loved me. They appreciated me, those applauds, screams during and after performing, those sprays, I'm sure it was not an issue.

 And your church, your environment?

(Cuts in). It's about your personal relationship with God and conviction through the Holy Spirit that bears witness. The truth is, so many persons murmured about it but I was not doing it for anyone, it was something I have always wanted to do for myself right from the age of six. I wanted it as my style, nothing more.

So, why did you suddenly cut your hair after these years?

It's also for me, no hard feelings. It's for me.

It's a bit confusing how you would want to grow and cut your hair at the same time for yourself. How is that possible?

After my dad passed away, I started feeling uncomfortable with the hair. Rather than remember the love we shared, his great support for my dancing career, he was my biggest fan, I kept seeing his frowns over my hair, so, in order to feel better, walk out of my guilt, I had to cut the hair.

How oppressive was this guilt that you only felt when he died, yet meant nothing while he was alive?

It was more than when he was here. The agony of his demise made it unbearable. I miss him so much. When it dawned on me that he was gone, the first thing that came to me was fear. I was so afraid that I was fatherless, afraid that my papa was gone, (tears). I can't explain it better but my hair cut was for me.

Briefly tell us about your dancing career.

Well, it's been cool, productive and rewarding in areas of nurturing my talent, travelling to places I humanly never knew I would, especially at this early stage of my life, putting my brain and potentials to work, fulfilling my destiny, having a career apart from my academic profession, meeting people and of course making money. It's been indeed a tread on the right path, at the right direction; you certainly do not expect to lay a great building on a weak foundation, so, all that I am doing now is to lay a strong foundation.

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