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Without INEC, Awara Would Have Disgraced Wike - Ogbona Nwuke

Without INEC, Awara Would Have Disgraced Wike - Ogbona Nwuke

Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers State is still basking in the euphoria of his re-election. Between the day he was announced winner and now, various individuals and groups have congratulated him. But there is one group that still believes that Wike did not deserve what he got. That is the APC group loyal to the transportation minister, Rotimi Amaechi. Mr Ogbonna Nwuke who served his government as commissioner for information and currently the spokesman of the Tonye Cole governorship campaign organisation did a post mortem on the just concluded election in an online interview with TNN.



INEC has finally declared Wike as governor.  What does this mean to the Amaechi camp?

It is proper to make a correction. We don't have camps within the APC in our state. So, there is no such thing as Amaechi's camp. We have one APC.

Quite frankly, Wike is a creation of INEC. We do have an impostor that is parading as governor of Rivers State.

INEC has imposed Wike on Rivers people. Rivers people, you can see, were not in the mood to have Wike back in office. Go round the state, everybody believes he did not win. He simply spent his way through INEC and the police. That is why people are not jubilating.

INEC has robbed the people of their votes and their right to choose. Everyone in Rivers State knows that if Wike had won, INEC won't take three weeks to declare him winner.

INEC suspended the elections in which the AAC candidate was cruising to victory, in order to provide a strange winning strategy that has ambushed votes that were coming from the field and replaced them with ghost votes that follow the carry go pattern.

The AAC has said it will challenge the phantom votes that INEC allocated to Wike. They reserve the right to. If we were in their shoes, we would probably do the same. Rivers people are not deceived by the 'magu magu' that INEC has done

But Magnus Abe has said repeatedly that Amaechi carved a faction of the APC. The courts have also recognised the EXCO controlled by Abe

The party has not recognized this faction that you are referring to. Ojukaye still sits at meetings called by the national secretariat. Peter Odike presides over party business in the media. These people are merely in the picture to divert attention. They belong to the PDP. There is no iota of doubt about that.

Are you saying the position of the court concerning the Odike faction as authentic EXCO does not hold any water?

Where is the water to hold? There is none.  Those matters are still being contested in court. You know issues like this are considered subjudice in our country. As an individual, and this is personal to me, I don't recognize Odike as my chairman. How do you claim to belong to family whose traditions, whose values you are unable to respect? These men have long crossed the line. They are not APC members.

Can this also apply to Abe?

Whoever the cap fits, let him wear it

People have continued to accused Amaechi over the killings and crisis that trailed the just concluded elections.

Trouble is that those who perpetuate violence on Election Day are the ones shouting loudest about killings in Rivers State.

These people are the ones who arm people in the name of local or intetnal security in Rivers State and the south south,  to terrorise defenceless citizens who genuinely want to vote according to their conscience.

Innocent persons were not victims of a security crackdown prior to the election. Security came after persons with questionable characters.

The PDP and its acolytes know this basic fact. They know that they rely heavily on strong boys and strong arm tactics to win.

They know that they armed them and gave them impetus to kill soldiers and APC members in Akuku Toru,  Ahoada West, Andoni, Eleme and Abua/Odual to mention but a few.

The propaganda machine of the PDP supported by fakes who are masquerading as APC members would not see the fake news they parade as complete if they do not spice their "lie lie," tales with anti-Amaechi sentiments.

When compared to Governor Wike, Amaechi has respect for human lives. It was not Amaechi who ordered the massacre of countless innocent citizens in the Orashi region whose heads were severed. It is not Amaechi who killed a civil rights lawyer, Ken. It is not Amaechi who killed Morwan Etete in Andoni. It is not Amaechi who groomed Don Wanni.

Rivers people know the truth sufficiently, but the knowledge of truth is not enough to allow a narrative founded on falsehood to subsist, that is, if I were to be Amaechi.

The Amaechi I know is not a murderer or one of the vampires that are holding Rivers State hostage.

When did Amaechi become the commander-in-chief to whom the security establishment reports? That is the question to pose. Amaechi didn't swoop on a collation centre with men who were authorized to shoot at soldiers or policemen. Wike reportedly did these things, but he is not the author of the killings, Amaechi is.

So much has been said about Amaechi's desire to unseat Wike by force, especially as seen in the decision to bring up Awara from nowhere

I wasn't told that the governorship seat is reserved for one person alone. Even if I am told so, I won't accept it because it is an anti-democratic ideal to conceptualize.

Unseat Wike by force? That's absurd. Those who have this mind frame are those who think the governorship belongs exclusively to Wike's family. They are part of the effort to create a dictator.

Democracy encourages fair contest and Engr. Biokpo Awara, who is qualified in every sense to run an election contested against Wike.

So when Wike went around plotting to deny the APC of the right to field candidates, was his expectation that APC would fold its hands and watch? When he crookedly demolished Dumo's ambition like he did to Tonye Cole, what Wike did was similarly the right thing to do.

So Awara who was already on the ballot of a political party came from nowhere. So where did Wike come from? Please we need to spare the people of stupid remarks like this. It doesn't make sense. Wike should go thank God that INEC saved him from defeat. That man from nowhere was poised to win when INEC hurriedly threw in the towel.

We've seen an effort, three weeks old, designed to "cook" fresh results and serve such unbelievable results to the public with an equally crooked narrative that's worse than the crooked results. Didn't know most of those masquerading as umpires cannot afford to be neutral, now I know of a truth that these men are money robbers and result fixers

Too bad for INEC that it now has such a reputation.  They are now consultants of cash and carry politics.

What proof is there to show that INEC sold out?

Several. These people who call themselves INEC staff, but who are members of the electoral wing of the PDP, claimed massive violence broke in Rivers State. So they suspended the election. Thereafter they came out with a massive number of LGA results (17 of them) that were collated. How could INEC whose workforce was under threat in Rivers State get 17 out of 23 LGA results in an environment in which violence reigned supreme?

Suddenly, INEC moved on with its magic. It moved the number of available results from 17 that it had publicly canvassed to 19.  When an organisation becomes inconsistent and illogical as INEC has turned out to be, what further proof are you looking for?

The electoral body was fully compromised. Recall that EFCC had accused Wike of stealing N117 billion belonging to Rivers people. "Ogas' at INEC who knew their EOs were receiving monthly stipends from Wike obviously went for their share of the loot too. There are speculations that in order to declare Wike winner, they may have received as much as N4billion.

All this are still in the realm of allegations. Is there any concrete proof that INEC was bribed by Wike?

I believe the media is equipped to investigate these things. I don't know what concrete proof that you want from me.

Protesters poured onto the streets calling on INEC not go ahead with the collation of results that have become contaminated.

They raised questions regarding INEC's rationale for going ahead with a plan which violates their trust. INEC refused to listen.

While unarmed demonstrators went about their peaceful processions, PDP thugs shot at them. INEC pretended it didn't hear.

But INEC blamed soldiers who repelled Wike thugs because Wike said so.

Wike published on his Twitter handle that he had 17 results, INEC concurred days later. Are these mere coincidences?

Let's talk about Rivers state under Wike in the next four years. What do you expect?

Most of us who predicted early in the life of the Wike administration that he would do very little were called names.

Not much would change. The administration runs on a notion that is anchored on holding unto power at all costs. It has no clear action plan which sets targets; which says this is what we shaĺl do when we win.

Besides, the man could not lift Rivers State to enviable heights in his first tenure. What do you expect of him now that he is getting set to exit from office?

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