I'll Leave C'River Better Than I'm Going To Meet It - Owan Enoh

I'll Leave C'River Better Than I'm Going To Meet It - Owan Enoh

Senator John Owan Enoh fielded questions from journalists, including David Odey, in Calabar moments after he was declared winner of the Cross River state parallel APC governorship primary. Enoh, who scored 82,272 votes,

defeated four other aspirants, Usani Uguru Usani (1,778 votes), Prof Etim Nyong (5,786 votes), John Upan Odey (3,892 votes), and High Chief Edem Duke (7,367 votes). He spoke about the parallel governorship primary, zoning and other issues


How do you feel now that you have been announced as Cross River state APC governorship candidate?

Well, I feel happy. After the long drawn primary process, that I have eventually emerged as candidate is delighting.

Another faction announced the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Usani Usani, as winner. How do you reconcile that?

You witnessed this process from the very beginning. If this process wasn't as thorough, it won't take us as long to get to this point. This is a process that started on the 30th of September and this is when results are being announced. That in itself is an indication that the extent of our state, from here to the last local government, it took about eight to nine hours. What this means is that the proper things were done. Materials were taken to every ward in Cross River state and elections conducted and a winner has emerged. So, anybody who thinks otherwise is just a display of the typical Nigerian tendency that when people run an election, they don't think that anybody should win. Everybody cannot win at the same time. Somebody must win. Having said so, I think, for example, that this is a time for us to get ourselves back together. It is not a time for me to dismiss anyone. And I think that as quickly as the next day, I need to set in place a motion to get across to all those that are aggrieved and appeal to them that the party is more important than anybody else's interest. The second thing is that nobody has control over anyone who tries to be mischievous. I think that it is a shameful act. I think that you are all gentlemen of the press and you watched all these happen. I am not too sure that there is any other congress apart from the direct primaries that has taken place in Cross River state than the one that has just announced a winner. If you even compare the person who announced a winner at whatever congress they said held, it's somebody from Cross River state who took part and wanted to be the national zonal vice chairman of our party at the last convention of the APC. And so, if you check the 7-member governorship primary election panels sent to every state, there was nobody from the state they were sent to. So, that makes whatever you heard laughable. And I think that in the course of the practice of our democracy for twenty years, we should do better than we are doing now.

What do you say about zoning?

I don't think we should talk about zoning now. A winner has emerged for this party and I think we can't go back on that. I think that the electorate have spoken. The total number of accredited voters was more than 100,000 and I got close to 90,000. So, you find 90,000 APC members in Cross River state endorsing me as candidate. You can't be talking about zoning now. The state faces an unusual situation. And what the party members have done is to respond to that unusualness and to present someone they think the party needs at this time.

Do you think you can dislodge the incumbent?

The public, not just Cross River public, APC people, have been waiting for the outcome of this. Because everyone, not just APC, even those in the PDP, have seen the misrule that has occurred in our state. And I think everyone is yearning for change and I think that we have an opportunity in the next few days, weeks and months to address and to reach out to every Cross Riverian and to be able to provide that alternative that Cross River requires. And I think that we can win.

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