Panel Came To Do A Hatchet Job -Owan Enoh

Panel Came To Do A Hatchet Job -Owan Enoh

Senator Owan Enoh also spoke to journalists about the state APC ward congresses that ended in fiasco, accusing the panel sent to conduct the congresses of coming to do a hatchet job.

As a leader of the party and a distinguished senator of the Federal Republic, what is your impression about what happened today?

Well, I think that the fact that congresses haven't held in Cross River State APC today is not something totally we should regret about. I believe this is part of the processes of deepening democracy within the APC in Cross River. This is one of the processes of trying to widen the room to accommodate different tendencies within the party. I think that the congress committee that was sent to Cross River, came to do a hatchet job against the generality of the membership of APC in Cross River. The chairman of the panel, I had met with him about twice in Abuja. Each time I met with him, I made one request to him. What was that request? That we have 196 wards in Cross River and that I was going to ask him of no favour whatsoever and that the only thing I was going to ask him was that when he comes, he should ensure transparency, he should ensure that congresses hold in all the wards and all the locations. I think he came in yesterday ( Friday, 4th May) and told us that there was going to be a meeting today at 8 O' clock to address stakeholders. After waiting for about two hours and he wasn't here, we had to go in search of him and found him in a hotel where you had the people who on their own want to foist on Cross River APC an unpopular agenda. So, what we have decided here is that, given all the prevailing circumstances surrounding this congress and everything that has happened, that we have lost confidence in the ability of this panel to conduct a free and fair congress and we have requested that this panel returns back to Abuja until the national leadership of the APC considers a proper time and also reacting to what they have found out, that APC in Cross River is not just a party that you can foist on it any agenda whatsoever. That the resolve of members of APC is that the national leadership of the APC should send a team to come and conduct a process in Cross River that is credible, that is transparent. The APC is an alternative platform in Cross River that everyday people are joining this party because of having been dissatisfied with the present administration and that the other people that have not joined the party are just waiting for us to get it right because of these congresses and we cannot afford to fail.

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