Endorsements Won’t Translate To Victory For Ayade -Owan Enoh

Endorsements Won’t Translate To Victory For Ayade -Owan Enoh

What is your impression about today's congress?

It is an exercise that was ordered by the national secretariat of our party. And I think that so far, it's been calm, it's been peaceful. It's been orderly and it's been a necessary step that has to be taken to reposition the party and its activities in Cross River politics.

What is your aspiration for 2019?

Well, I am currently in the senate. I am doing my first term in the senate. There is still a while ahead to determine that aspiration. But I work with the people who have always supported me and I look up to God's grace.

What would you say about your party in Cross River State? Is it being repositioned to take over power in Cross River State?

The potentials of our party in Cross River are enormous. That is why I said that what we are doing here today is a necessary step we need to take to get the party back on track so we don't just depend on its potentials. We need to get back together as one people. I joined this party in May 2017 and I don't think I have seen any leadership of this party yet at the state level. I think that everything that has to do with this party has to do with the individual efforts of most of us and individual efforts alone cannot make any physical difference. We need the leadership to lead this party and the hope is that after the congress, we will win together. I think that the extent of division of this party is such that the burden of leadership on that person who wins is such that he must immediately think about reconciliation, because we all must get together as one people, in one party with a common aspiration to take over governance in Cross River State.

Is APC threatened by the endorsements of Governor Ayade all over the state?

Endorsements themselves do not win elections. I think if you understand the logic of politics enough, I think that an incumbent that gets so involved in causing endorsements for himself, there is a lot to be desired in that kind of attitude. I think an incumbent should be more comfortable approaching 2019. The endorsements have no effect.  Those who are doing those endorsements, if you check round, they are those with appointments. They are all political appointees. They really don't have a choice because they depend on monthly stipends that come their way. That is what is driving them. Although they are not satisfied, that is what they are made to do. People do endorsements in the day time and get back to their bedrooms and cry and weep. You want me to tell you more?

What would you say about the internal crisis in your party?

Well, I think we still have some relative time. That is why I am glad that this process is taking place. The next one week or one month will be enough for us to put our acts together. So I don't think there is a threat.

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