Residents Decry Blackout In Eneka Community

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Residents Decry Blackout In Eneka Community

Residents of Eneka Community in the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State have condemned what they described as the epileptic nature of power supply in the area.

Speaking with TNN on Saturday, most respondents, especially business owners expressed displeasure over the treatment of Power Holding Distribution Company meted to Eneka people, frowning on their continual contribution for the payment of electricity bill yet not having electricity to use.

In an interactive session, Mrs. Chinyere Nwamadi, owner of Chi Beauty, make up and photo saloon at the Rumuowha market said: “We don't have light in Eneka, go through OPM-Eneka road, there is steady light morning and night but here, no light at all. Once it is close to 15th of every month, NEPA will just blink light at night, highest one hour. Once that happens, just prepare your mind for electricity bill the next morning.

“This is not fair. I don't know why this community is different from other communities, good things will be happening in other places but here, nothing. All you hear and witness is arm robbery here, shooting there; ordinary NEPA light is impossible to enjoy”.

 “We pay NEPA bill, see my shop, NEPA bill full everywhere, yet, I spend not less than N2000 every day to work, how much is my gain, sometimes, for a whole day, you only weave hair of N300.  How will our business survive plus the shop rent that Eneka man will not allow four days extra before threatening to throw you out”

She noted that the landlords in the community were not helpful, otherwise electricity issues would have been dealt with. She further appealed to the Eneka Electricity Committee to employ the method of paying bills based on electricity supplied.

Mr. Lawrence Ayobami, a dry cleaner who claimed to have packed into the area after leaving his Igwuruta residence nine years ago, speaking on the issue said “which light, if you ask me to rate NEPA, I will give them zero, there is no light. I don't know if they have problem with Eneka because about three years ago, there was no light at all in this community, I packed into Eneka to meet darkness, I heard it lasted for five years because of issue between NEPA, that Eneka people beat up NEPA, now that there is no more beating the case has remained the same”.

“I am a dry cleaner, look at my shop, I have washing machine for washing of clothes like this ones, I have iron. My generator cannot carry all at once, so these machines are just there, and if they stay unused for long it will develop another fault, NEPA should help us, they should give us light, we are paying bills like others, at least for the sake of our businesses”.

Still venting their anger over the issue; an indigene, who deals on frozen food described the issue as devastating, while pointing out that anything said to that effect holds no water noting that neither the community nor the electricity distribution company would do anything to salvage the community of blackout but feared that it might get worse if they read this.”

Among other persons that spoke on the issue was Mr. Dele Momodu, a tailor, who told TNN that the only need he had for electricity was ironing, but expressed sadness over those business owners who depend solely on electricity to run their businesses.

He further digressed stressing that “Though I pity those whose businesses depend on NEPA light but the one I want to talk about is this street light that is standing like monument, this light in less than six months, just died like that”.

“I heard some boys stole the battery two months ago but we are begging that they should come and fix it, we are leaving in bondage, they should fix it, come out at night, the sight is very terrible, as early as 8pm, it's too bad, you cannot claim to be fighting insecurity and you are neglecting what is championing it.

“Since this road solar light stopped working, there has been robbery here and there, they should please. I know it's not part of the question you asked me but they should please fix this solar light so even if we use generator in our houses, when you walk on the road you will know who is approaching you.”.

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