Nobody can kill Biafra Dream, Says Nwachukwu

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Nobody can kill Biafra Dream, Says Nwachukwu

Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, have remained hopeful over the possibility of a Biafra nation. They believe that nobody has the ability and capacity to stop their dream from fruition.

TNN had an interactive session with some members of the IPOB during the observation of the sit at home exercise on May 30th as directed by Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the group, who ordered that anyone who refuses to sit at home on that day should be stoned to death.

The reason for the exercise according to Kalu was in remembrance and honour of over 3.5 million 'Biafrans' whom he said were killed by Britain through Nigeria.

Speaking with TNN in Port Harcourt, Mr. Richard Nwachukwu from Abia State said that nothing under the sun was going to stop Biafra from becoming a reality, “regardless of the forces employed by the presidency.

“Biafra has come to stay, it will only delay, they can only play their pranks but nothing will stop Biafra, this country is full of animals in human form, if not, why will a country pass a bill recognizing June 12 as Democracy Day in honour of MKO Abiola, public holiday on Abiola's head while we lost millions of people, Igbos during the war, not even a monument, nothing and you say this country is for all of us.”

Describing the country as rotten, he said “like what my boss said, this country is rotten, very rotten, because of one man, they declared a whole day as public holiday for nothing but millions of Igbos died during the war, those who fell by the sword and guns, those who were killed for nothing, and nobody saw reasons to recognize and honour them”.

“This country is “tufiakwa” translated, God forbid, we will stand by Nnamdi Kalu, we will stand side by side with him because nothing can stop us, we will win this, very soon, you will see welcome to Biafra, even the devil knows that Biafra has come to stay”.

Another respondent from the Rumuodara axis in Rivers state, who introduced himself to TNN as Charles Kanu said “our leader, Nnamdi Kalu has said it all, our politicians are bunch of soulless evil men, because it's about the Igbos, they are fighting against Biafra, because its Igbos they will not accept to honour or recognize our own people”.

“The people I blame more are some of our Igbo leaders and politicians. See, everywhere in Port Harcourt, South-South, Igbo lands, especially in Imo State, the Hausas have taken over, they block major roads, go into people's farms with their cows, destroy their crops and source of livelihood, do anything to even the hair on the body of one cow and see how many human heads will be cut off”.

“Crime, crime, they stopped Keke but cannot stop these inhuman people who value one cow over one million lives”.

“The least they can do is to support the move, push the movement for an independent Biafra forward, frown and raise alarm on anything against your brothers, don't support them and say kill him when they want to kill our people because in their place, even here in our land you dare not raise your voice on any Hausa person.”


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