CDC Chair To Engage Youths In Community Policing

CDC Chair To Engage Youths In Community Policing

Rumuomoi Community Youths in the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers state have been encouraged by their Community Development Chairman, Comrade Kinikanwo Adiele, to continue to embrace peace, in order to attract development opportunities and encourage businesses in the area.

Adiele made this call when members of the community gathered in the Rumuomoi town hall for a meeting. “I will be bluffing if I say Rumuomoi youths are like other youths in Rivers state. For the past four months of this administration, I have experienced peace, unity, understanding, readiness to work, commitment and so much more.

“That Rumuomoi is peaceful is not me but the understanding and hatred of evil by our youths, I am grateful, Rumuomoi is known for stability and that will not stop in my tenure, we are known for unity, we are business minded, we don't share nor campaign for evil no matter what we are deprived of by the local or state government”.

During the session, the chairman announced his plans to issue employment letters to those qualified and properly attested for, so they can commence vigilante in the area.

“We issued out forms for both applicants and created space for a well-meaning, recognized person in the community to attest for them before they can be absorbed, if they are caught in any kind of illegal activities, they must be provided by the person that attested for them and properly dealt with.”

He also encouraged the youths to grab the opportunity and see it as a platform to contribute to their community, not minding the peanut they would be given at the end of every month.

“The salary is nothing, they should not depend on it, they should look at it as a means of doing something worthwhile for their community, for their people, to keep their families safe while they wait for better opportunies”.

Addressing the youths, he explained that the reason for the delay was because of funds, stating that the office has no source of income that will consistently pay their salary at the end of the month but promised that from June 2019, the commission would commence.

Adiele added that the community had reached agreement on disciplinary measures to be taken if anyone was caught in any form of unlawful activities such as cultism, robbery, including those accommodating criminal relatives or friends.

“We have agreed that anyone caught involved in robbery, cultism or your friend, relative that is staying with you is involved you must bear the consequences. First, they will drag you to the road and give you 100 strokes of the cane for people to see and know that you are a criminal, an arm robber, after that, you will be handed over to security authority”.

Speaking with TNN after the gathering, the CDC chairman frowned at the level of unemployment in Rivers state, calling on leaders at various levels to generate means of engaging youths.

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