Unveiling IT Assisted “Personalized” Education

  • Written by  Shalom De-Har Umanah
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Unveiling IT Assisted “Personalized” Education

Education they say is a never ending activity in a man's life. From when an infant is able to utilise its senses, the act of le V   arning begins until it stops when those senses are rendered ineffective. The concept of Education is entrenched in a social institution commonly referred to as a school. There are different types and kinds of school but the common element is a qualified and knowledgeable person transferring knowledge to amenable individuals. There is no doubt the transfer of knowledge and education has indeed encouraged the evolution and development of the world, but somewhere within the intricacies of the institution, there is a flaw.

Malala Yousafzai, an activist for female education and also the youngest Nobel Prize laureate said; “One Child, One Teacher, One Book, One Pen can change the world.” An inspiring quote that bolsters the campaign for education. A metaphor of course, as it does not represent the reality, in terms of quantity. The current reality has more numbers than is said in Yousafzai's statement.

The school environment has a ratio that entails a large number of students to a lesser number of teachers. Individuals are composed differently and do not have the same setup. Thus, information and knowledge is grasped in different ways and at a different pace. One would suggest that the concept of school would be flawless if a more personalized approach were to be carried out. This sounds unachievable given the ratio of the population of teachers as compared to the students. Nonetheless, a solution is palpable.

The 21st century is home to a lot of changes and socio-economic transformations. The Digital Age was birthed and man saw the daily activities of life advanced to a whole new level with the aid of the 'Computer'. A more fitting word in today's' times would be Information Technology (IT).

Information Technology is a product of education over the years and it would only be appropriate that it aids in the advancement and betterment of the very notion that made it a reality. IT assisted personalised education involves utilising Information technology and all the elements and components it encompasses to create an atmosphere and a

Possibility of a more tailored indoctrination as well as transfer of knowledge between the teacher and the student. Highlighting the strengths and challenges of a student produced from a profound and acute arithmetical analysis alongside strategies and methods to attend to them. IT Personalised Education is achievable as a computerised blueprint is provided for the teacher in a formal educational setting and the parent in an informal educational setting.

SKOLE, an educational history tracking software A.K.A school management system, aims at improving the odds stacked against tutors by offering them a computerized blueprint highlighting the most important information that will aid in the academic development of a child as a learner.

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