PH Residents Beg Wike Over Elimgbu Flood

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PH Residents Beg Wike Over Elimgbu Flood

Residents of Peace Drive Estate, Elimgbu Port Harcourt, are lamenting over massive flood in their estate. The water is said to increase as the rain falls, which is causing great discomfort and damage to the residents and their properties. This has led to the call on the state government to intervene in the situation.

Mr Ovunda Amadi,  youth president of the affected estate at Elimbu told TNN that business owners in the area were shutting down their businesses and that homes had been deserted.

 “What we see here is barbaric, it is an eyesore, will I say it is demonic because we never had such a thing here; everyone wanted to live here. Then, we had good roads, electricity and good security.

“ It was until 2016 generally when a road around the area was being constructed that the beginning of our pain and nightmare started. The government did us a favour by fixing the road but the entire water was channeled down here from Elimgbu, Rumuewhara and Rumuduru, all the waters are coming down here, the drainage ends here in our estate”.

“We have lost lives, many businesses have shut down, poverty has returned to the community. We have written a letter to the leader of the house of assembly, Martins Amaewhule, we carried out a peaceful protest so that our lives can return but they have given us deaf ears, even down to the local government, we reported to him last year June but nothing has been done till now”.

“The worst of it all is that it is stagnant; it doesn't go away. People are now selling their property in the area. We are calling on the government to come to our aid, they should reverse the drainage or create a channel that will enable the flow of the water, we can't continue to live like this; government must do something about this”.

A resident, Ejike Donald expressed his feelings this way: “This water has blocked the road which we pass through and is causing damages to our vehicles. It has strong stench that pollutes the area, which can cause health hazard; the government should please look into the matter for us because we are really suffering because of this”.

Prince Emmanuel, one of the youths in the estate, also a resident said that the construction of the road had contributed to the problem.

 “The engineers involved in the construction of the road were supposed to have created a drainage which will enable water find its way to a local stream or river. This water is really affecting us negatively and because there is no drainage, the water has become stagnant, resulting to lot of mosquito and insect bites which can cause malaria and other sicknesses.

“Transportation has become slow, vehicles and cars get damaged, something must be done, government should not abandon us, they should please come to our aids” he said.

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