Expired Coca-Cola Products Flood Calabar

Expired Coca-Cola Products Flood Calabar

Those who love to drink coca-cola products face the risk of health challenges, as expired drinks in the coca-cola stable which have flooded the Calabar market is already causing commotion.

Some journalists in the Cross River State capital are already considering taking the company to court, over the expired drinks.

TNN observed that all the Russia 2018 World Cup branded Coca-Cola plastic products had expired in August while some Fanta products either expired in September or early November.

Investigations further revealed that drinks with Batch number P120418AR4 all had expired since August while Fanta drink with NAFDAC Number 0116517 and MANCAP number FT049 expired on November 2.

It was also discovered that some of the Fanta products had expired since September and there was no attempt to withdraw them from the market.

When the Coca-cola toll free number 080026222652 on one of the bottles was called, a male voice confirmed that the branded Russia 2018 World Cup products expired since August.

He said: “Yes, it is true that the branded products expired since August.  We had told distributors not to circulate the drink after August but they are greedy because the bottled product lasts for one year while that of plastic lasts for only three months.  The branded products actually expired in August.”

Investigations also revealed that large Coca-Cola warehouses located at the Mayne Avenue/Bateba axis as well as the one located at 8th miles, all in Calabar have large quantities of the expired products in stock and are still being pushed into the market.

Reacting to the development, a major distributor who pleaded for anonymity, said: “We are aware that those products are expired, but who will refund our money?  If we take them back to Coca-Cola, they will not refund our money so we simply push it into the market with the hope that consumers won't notice it.  We have to recover our money.”

Some of journalists who took the poisonous drinks are already complaining of stomach upset.

An umbrella body of the journalists called Correspondents Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists in the state over the weekend called on Coca-Cola to withdraw the expired products and explain to the public why its products which expired since August this year were still being sold to the public in the state.

State chairman of the chapel, Mazi Judex Okoro who presided over the meeting where the products were consumed, narrated: “we were having our monthly congress on Friday when we called on our welfare unit to entertain members. 

“What we noticed surprised us as we discovered all the Coca-Cola and Fanta drinks we bought for entertainment had expired.  Unfortunately, many of our members drank some of the products before we discovered it.”

He added: “After our meeting, we detailed some of our colleagues to go into the open markets and find out if those expired products were also sold there, and at the weekend, they reported to us that most of the Coca-Cola products circulating in the state had expired.”

Okoro who disclosed that some of the members had complained to him that they were having stomach upset since drinking the expired products, promised to approach the court for Coca-Cola to come and explain why its products are still circulating in the market months after expiration.

“Since Saturday, some of our members who drank the products have been complaining to me about some distortions in the stomach and with our investigation completed, and don't forget that we have it in our congress minutes, we will take a definite decision by next week on how to approach the issue, but I am not ruling out a court action,” he said.

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