How Governors Humbled Wike

How Governors Humbled Wike

Most PDP governors decided to gang up against Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers State before and during the just concluded PDP convention because of what stakeholders called the insulting utterances of the governor, over the choice of Port Harcourt as venue for the convention.

It was learnt that Wike had desired to have and actually supported the Sokoto State governor, Aminu Tambuwal to pick the party's presidential ticket, but was opposed seriously by his colleagues.

They felt that the way Wike was going, if they allowed him, and failed to teach him some lessons in team work, he could bury all of them.

TNN learnt that part of what caused the delay in the commencement of the convention was that Wike had to beg his colleagues at the dying minute, to support his candidate.

It was learnt that the first plot was to persuade some of the aspirants to step down for Tambuwal. But the national chairman, Uche Secondus was said to have insisted that the best thing to do was to allow all the aspirants to go into the race so that nobody would complain afterwards, of being rigged out.

The governors and key stakeholders of the party, sources told TNN, felt very bitter with Wike, that they refused to pay a courtesy visit on him when they arrived the state. It was Wike that had to start going after them in their hotels.

This was what Wike said that provoked his colleagues and made them to work against his interest: “Let me warn the party, if you dare, Rivers State will teach the party a lesson.  Those days have passed when they took Rivers State for granted.  Nobody can use and dump Rivers State.

"No presidential aspirant can use and dump Rivers State. We never lobbied for it, we never asked for it, but it will boost the economy of the state.  People will make money.

"Those who are against Rivers people from making money to improve their businesses, will not get our support ".

"I don't know why anyone who wants to be President, will be afraid of a venue.  Then you are not prepared for the election.

"Nobody should dare Rivers State any longer.  Enough is enough.  PDP should know that we are not a punching bag. We are not a people you can use and push. We are not harlots. Whenever you want, you come. When you finish, you push us aside.

"We will retaliate at the appropriate time.  When you go, tell your colleagues, the presidential aspirants.  We were not interested, but having given it to us, you cannot insult us". He made the offensive comments when the Gombe state governor and PDP presidential aspirant, Dr Ibrahim Dankwambo visited to seek his support for his dreams.

Although Wike was said to have begged the governors for forgiveness over the comments, his colleagues were said to have told him to also make the apology public, since his comments were in the public domain. Wike did not do it.

When he came under serious attack and was accused of trying to hijack the processes in favour of his favoured aspirant, Wike tried to put up a defence.

In a statement from his media aide, he was quoted as saying that "I have a right to vote as a delegate. But my influence is minimal.  Those talking about this don't have the facts.

“Are you saying that as governor of Rivers State, I will place a gun on the head of all delegates to vote a particular candidate?

"I cannot compel all the 14 governors to vote a particular aspirant. You mean you can change the views and opinions of all the states?" he said.

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