Anger In Bayelsa Community Over Earthquake Prediction

Anger In Bayelsa Community Over  Earthquake Prediction

The people of Igbogene in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State are not happy that the federal government is yet to visit the area to find ways of protecting them in the event of the earthquake which the government said may affect the  area.

The traditional leader of Igbogene, King Malla Sasime told TNN over the telephone that his least expectation was that the government would have taken steps to find a solution to the predicted disaster, in the interest of the people, since the government had the primary duty to protect and secure the lives of the citizenry.

In fact, Sasime noted that the predicted earthquake, if it would occur, would not only affect Igbogene but would affect even neighbouring communities. “I spoke with an expert who told me  that Igbogene is only an epicentre, not that it would happen only in Igbogene.

“So it may even affect the entire Bayelsa and even Rivers possibly. 18 miles away is Rivers State and 18 miles away is Delta State; that means even the Rivers State government should be interested. In Igbogene, they have a massive billion naira ecumenical centre, they have an ultra modern motopark, and a fish farm.

“These are all infrastructure that they should be worried about. The state government should make sure these infrastructure are protected, they should also be interested in what is going on because they don't know how it would be; it may even affect the Government House, depending on how massive it would be.

Sasime noted that Igbogene people were sad.  "We are not happy that up till now, after that prediction from a government agency, no government official has been to the communities that are affected at least not Igbogene, to come and discuss the issue with us; one to calm us and to discuss with us the way forward, what government is planning.

“The primary duty of government is to protect lives and property. If there is earthquake, lives and properties will be lost. So now that the government itself has come out with this kind of report, what have they done? Will they just sleep over it?

“They have done nothing, absolutely nothing, they've not even come to meet with the people to say see, this is the report we are having, this is the way forward, this is what we want to do and this is what you should do as a community, nothing.  They just left the community to their fate and whatever happens to them is their own problem"

He said the people were disappointed in the government because “this is a federal government issue, they should follow it up; they are not following it up, up till now".

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