2019 Elections Won't Cause Civil War In Nigeria -Olumba

2019 Elections Won't Cause Civil War In Nigeria -Olumba

Leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross And Star, Olumba Olumba Obu has allayed fears that the country might be plunged into another civil war in 2019.

Speaking through Brig General Enang Essien (rtd) at the BCS Bethel at Mayne Avenue, Calabar, he said the fears about civil war breaking out as a fallout of the 2019 general election were unfounded and should be ignored by Nigerians.

“There will be no civil war in Nigeria. Nigeria will remain united. What we will witness are police actions in form of minor upheavals,” he said.

He, however, said that the problems of the world have persisted because man has deviated from the standards set by God.

The General, who is the Vice Chairman, Mobilisation of the 1918 Centenary celebrations of the manifestation of Leader Obu, told journalists in Calabar that several activities had been lined up as part of the centenary celebration, which he said was the benchmark of the virtues of Leader O.O. Obu who he said came to correct things and teach the world the truth.

Lighting of the torch which he said symbolized the appearance of light that drives away darkness in form of sickness and diseases, was one of the events lined up to mark the centenary.

Essien said the torch would be passed on from Nigeria to other parts of the world such as USA, UK and the rest in a relay manner just like the Olympic torch.

The event is a prelude to the grand finale of the celebration of the main event on 30th December which is the convergence of all members of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star on the UJ Esuene stadium in Calabar. Before then the members would go on a three-day pilgrimage on 21-23 December to Biakpan the birth place of Obu.

The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star was physically established by Leader Obu in 1958, two years before Nigeria's independence.

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