What Prophet Abam Said About Jonathan

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What Prophet Abam Said About Jonathan

The slain Prophet, ThankGod Abam Ubi, granted and interview to TNN in June 2014, where he spoke convincingly, that God told him that the former president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, will win the 2015 presidential election. He got it wrong, because Jonathan lost in that election.

This is how the interview went …in part

You said something about these young prophets helping President Goodluck Jonathan to get into the seat. How did you do it?

What I mean is that we stood in the gap prayerfully for him. We have done almost 152 days prayers, travelling from one camp to another, gathering almost all the young prophets, calling upon God because God spoke that the chosen one is President Goodluck Jonathan. There is nothing that will make that man not to rule in 2015. There is no demon; he must go back. Goodluck Jonathan is not a president by appointment or by policy, he's a president by calling; he was ordained to rule.

Can you stake your calling, your anointing and your name for this?

Everyone that cares to hear, everyone that will read this paper, TNN one of the biggest papers in the entire world will like to read; I Prophet ThankGod Abam, the Commanding Commander and the Founder of Intercessory Prayer Ministry Worldwide, I hereby say this with my calling at stake, that Goodluck Jonathan is the chosen one to rule for eight years. No matter what the devil is doing, he must rule because he's of God and who God calls, nobody can cancel it. If God called you, if God says this is the man, that is it.

I'm sure you are aware of what is going on in the north the opposition in the north, I mean the betrayal in the north saying that he cannot come back?

Yes, that is why it is called office and that is why it is political. You don't expect the entire Nigeria to stand up and clap hands for who God called. No. Even when Jesus came into this world, some people said he is not Jesus. So let the northerners do what they want to do, it's politics but we have the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the president of Nigeria and the northerners are in Nigeria. So let Boko Haram bomb anything, let them kidnap anybody, Jonathan must still be the president.

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