Guber race: Group Drums Support For Owan Enoh In C’River

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Guber race: Group Drums Support For Owan Enoh In C’River

A social political group made up of passionate proselytizers across Cross River State, called

Team Rescue Cross River State is drumming support for Senator John Owan Enoh as next governor of Cross River State.

The group said in a statement to TNN whatsapp account that Owan Enoh was the best man to replace the incumbent governor, Prof. Ben Ayade.

Leader of the group, Mr Anthony Oru enumerated some striking views on the candidature of the senator.

"In 15 years of witnessing elections in Cross River State and the politics of Distinguished Senator John Owan Enoh, I noticed a few characteristics that has thrown him ahead of others who are in the race to become governor of Cross River State in 2019.

“Owan Enoh talks less and does more. This has earned him robust support across the state. He is popularly addressed as "talk and do senator" Owan Enoh under promises and over delivers.

“Owan Enoh is collaborative. He can work with anybody/company/organization, as long as the purpose is people oriented. He takes the long view even when it's unpopular in the here-and-now. And he knows that in a state as close-knit as Cross River, today's opponent could be tomorrow's ally – so he doesn't  burn bridges.

“He would rather listen than pontificate. He has the experience to know his own mind and the humility and empathy to know that what others think matters just as much.

“The sitting senator representing central senatorial district of Cross River State knows the policy-making process firsthand and inside-out. He won't need a tutorial because he already understands what it takes to get things done in State government. And he knows that no matter how bold the claim, no one can do it alone.

“He knows that whether it's raising cattle or presiding over the Cross River State House, working together is the best way to accomplish shared goals and come out the other side without bitterness or backbiting.

“He is father to many of us. He will be in it for a better long-term future, not better numbers in 2019 polls.”

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