I Won’t Marry Another Wife - Hilliard Eta

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I Won’t Marry Another Wife - Hilliard Eta

All Progressives Congress (APC) National Vice Chairman, South-south, Ntufam Hilliard Eta, who has been re-elected for another term of four years, has said he will not take another wife.

He was making reference to a joke by his friend that now that he has been re-elected, he could take another wife.

The APC leader made the remarks at the palace of the Ndidem of the Quas, His Royal Majesty, Patrick Oqua Agbor V where he went to pay homage after he returned from Abuja at the weekend to a heroic welcome by teeming APC supporters at the Margaret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar.

He was responding to the remarks by the paramount ruler who praised him for emerging victorious against all odds at the National Convention of the party on 23 June and urged Eta to work for the success of the state.

The paramount ruler said “it is the will of God that determines a winner in a contest. Those who make mistakes God gives them the opportunity to correct them. God's decision favoured you. Carry everybody along by collapsing your structures. Divide and rule will not bring about change. Let the path be open for young graduates to join you. Parties should not restrict youths from contesting for elective positions.”

He admonished Eta to mentor young people because “it is young people who will service us when we become elder statesmen.”

Eta momentarily shut down parts of Calabar where his convoy passed through. He rode in an SUV whose roof was slid open. And with a bunch of broom in his hand, he stood in the SUV for several kilometres and acknowledged cheers from supporters from the airport through Goldie and other major streets to Calabar Road, connecting Watt market roundabout through the road leading to Governor's office in Diamond Hill and down to Ikot Ishie football field where he stopped briefly and danced with some masqueraders before proceeding with the masqueraders to Ikot Ansa for the reception.

He had told the paramount ruler that he came to tell him that “one of his subjects was found fit to occupy national office. I am an Ntufam of this court. Ntufam means pathfinder. Regardless of the shenanigans of my enemies, I will not stoop low. My enemies made my God so big. My arch enemy was put to shame by God. Go used men to achieve what I achieved. I have four years to prove my mettle again. I want to write the kind of history that will add value to humanity. I am committed to equity, fairness and justice.”

He told party supporters that “I am who I am because of you. The victory is for all of you. Imagine if the people on the other side won the election. God forbids. In that cold night of Saturday, 23rd June, I had boys and girls, women and men who stood their ground to defeat the enemies. Ernest Irek almost got killed. Governor Yahaya Bello ordered some of my supporters out of the Eagle Square venue of the convention.

“The story of 23 and 24 June is made for movies. We did not sleep for two nights. A General called Senator Owan Enoh did a good job. He sat down at the collation centre from morning till late in the night to ensure that the election was not rigged. He did not eat or drink water. The victory is collective. The victory is triumph of light over darkness. I am always on the side of equity, fairness and justice. If I did not do well in my first term, I am sorry. God has given me another opportunity to correct my mistakes. Let us not belittle what God has given to us.”

He vowed that APC would take over Diamond Hill in 2019, adding “Ayade must necessarily leave Diamond Hill. A lot of people have gone to him to collect money and contract. I was also asked to come and collect. The over N1 trillion my party budgets for the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing is more than the entire budget of Cross River state. Nothing currently in Cross River is attractive to me. My mind, body and head are APC. God will expose those who play APC in the morning and PDP at night. The fire of God will strike them. Cross River is a low hanging fruit. The people of the state want change.”

He pledged his unalloyed support to the newly elected national Chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomhole, for him and the party to succeed.

Dr. David Okon, the state party elders' forum chairman and chairman of the occasion in his remarks, said it was not a mean feat that Eta fought against a giant and won.

“No matter the billions of naira some people spent to bring down Eta, the will of God did not allow them succeed. He went, he saw and conquered. And he will be there for four years.

“Power comes from God. He gives it to who he wants. Eta should re-unite those fighting him if they are real members of the party. Some of them are playing the role of Judas. Those who took money from Ayade should return what is left and return to the party. What we are doing to sustain the party is to make APC fly. Diamond Hill is our target,” he said.

It was a three-pronged event for Eta whose reception took place on Friday, followed by his low key birthday on Saturday and thanksgiving service on Sunday.

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