Dickson: Payroll Fraudsters, Professional Bayelsa Beggars Can’t Be Rich

  • Written by  JOHN ODHE, Yenagoa
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Dickson: Payroll Fraudsters, Professional Bayelsa Beggars Can’t Be Rich

Bayelsa State governor, Seriake Dickson has placed what can easily pass for a curse on people who perpetrate payroll fraud in the state. He says they can never be rich from the proceeds of their sweat less earnings.

Apart from those in this class, Dickson has is also not happy with those that have now come to be known as professional Bayelsa beggars. He told journalists in the state that their conduct was demeaning.

In fact, he said there were civil servants in the state who were fond of putting dye on their grey hair to hide their age, to enable them remain in service. He dropped bomb for them: they won't escape retirement once the date comes.

"Those who put dye on their head to hide their true age will not escape from being retired.

"When you respond to a professional Bayelsa beggar by buying him a bed, he will ask you to buy foam and pillow for him. Some ride big, big jeeps, pay roll fraud stars who park their vehicles at the road side and use 'kpako' bridge to get home.

"Some use big, big jeeps, live outside Bayelsa and receive alert without coming to work. They use big, big jeeps while still living as tenants. They ask you to help them get married and after, ask you to help maintain their children.

"They abandon their places of work and live in Yenagoa, receiving what they don't earn; no wonder they remain poor and not being blessed", he said.

Dickson believes that those who found their way treacherously into the  state government's payroll as well as those who are qualified but perpetrating fraud in the system must be flushed out no matter whose ox is gored.

The only thing that qualifies some persons as civil servants in Bayelsa, according to the governor, is the receipt of credit alerts at the end of every month.

He said the on-going reforms in the civil service would continue because the inherited wage bill of over N6billion has been pruned to about N3.9billion.

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