Why I'm Running For Senate Seat –Agara

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Why I'm Running For Senate Seat –Agara

Chief Chris Agara, a Port Harcourt based entrepreneur and aspirant for the Cross River Central senatorial district has said that he is presenting himself for the election to better the life of the people.

He said in an interview with journalists in Calabar that as a private citizen, he was already doing a lot to empower his people and that with the platform as senator, he would do much more.

“I am a private sector person. It gets to a time in your life when you want to leave the private sector and see what you can do in the public sector. As a private man I am an employer of labour. Right now I have close to 300 workers in my employment. I do a lot of social work. As a matter of principle I don't like to disclose them.

 “You are aware of some of my activities. I have a lot of scholarship programmes. I like to share with the needy. Another reason why I went into politics is that I have been in the oil and gas business for close to thirty something years. If I were a civil servant I should be retiring.

“But I just noticed that there are too many professional politicians. If politics is not handled by people who have demonstrated capacity and ability in some form or some way of life, then we will keep leaving it for people who believe power must reside with them. Such people feel they don't owe the people anything.

“They will think of how they will secure themselves. And maybe eight years will not be enough to secure themselves. And what happens if he doesn't make it? The world is evolving. In the whole world private sector people are getting involved in politics to see how they can turn things around.

“I am going to the senate to bring development to the people of my senatorial zone. My focus will be on agriculture. I will assist farmers to access huge funds which they do not know exist.”

He also spoke on the level of insecurity in the country. He said “security should be everybody's business. When you shoot your gun, you won't know who the bullet will hit. Security is a major concern. I just hope and pray that those in charge of security will get it right.

“Yes, there are concerns about security in 2019. Similar concerns were expressed heavily in 2015 and Nigeria overcame it. We are a very prayerful country. I do believe strongly that one person's ambition won't destroy the country. We are a survivalist country. We have a way of wriggling out of any tight situation.”

Agara said those who may have left the PDP in the past would be received back joyfully into the PDP fold. “The party is a very big umbrella. It is like a father. However, those returning should respect the people they left behind to keep the party going. They should not undermine those they return to meet in the party.

 “Even new people that were not part of PDP are welcomed. In Cross River, there was no other party except PDP. Every member of other parties was one time or the other a member of PDP. So if they are coming back, they are coming back to their old fold.”

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