Owan Enoh: Too Connected To The People

Owan Enoh: Too Connected To The People

“It is only the politically-ignorant and political mischief-makers that would say Senator John Owan Enoh has not done well. For me, he is the only Cross River voice in the 8th Senate. I feel proud having him as my Senator”


Sunny Tabi

(Abuja-based Legal Practitioner)


“… Rt. Hon John Owan Enoh, on the other hand is one of the leading political lights of his generation who has demonstrated thorough understanding of the inner workings of politics. He epitomizes the qualities of a consummate politician: compassionate, humble, accessible and in touch with hi people. On the national stage, he is highly respected not only for his deep knowledge, insight and understanding of budgetary processes but also for the profound work he has continued to pioneer in every committee he has chaired.

His strong and studied defense of Mr. President's 2014 budget proposal in the floor of the House of Representatives, when opposition law makers conspired to shoot it down at the second reading, was both insightful and penetrating”.


-Cornelius Mpantor Ojong, Ph.D

(The University Don made the above statement in 2014 at the hills of the 2015 Senatorial primaries in Cross River Central)



“…Hon. John Owan Enoh seems to connect more with the yearnings and aspirations of the ordinary folks; what one can term mass appeal”.


-Late Cyril Nsor in a facebook post in 2014.



“Senator John Owan Enoh is, truly, a politician to watch. His unique approach to politics has kept him closely connected to the people. We, his constituents, are pleased with his people-oriented disposition.”


-Hon. Godwin Assam Effa

(Former Vice Chairman of Ikom)


“Senator John Owan is an epitome of politics without bitterness; he operates and 'open door' in terms of the right of every man to make a political choice. He does not begrudge anyone for merely not agreeing with him politically. I think what guides him is he conviction that 'everybody is a potential political friend'. He is doing well, I must say”.


-Okimasi Odee Ojong

(Calabar-based Legal Practitioner)


Cross River Central Professionals (CRCP) In Lagos - Senator John Owan Enoh In Focus

1995 was the year I first saw Senator John Owan Enoh in person as he walked past me in a corridor at the faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Calabar. Although I knew that he was a classmate of my immediate elder brother in St. Gregory Primary School, Agbokim Waterfalls. I can't remember greeting him that day simply because I didn't go to that faculty in search of him but what I do recall is that I couldn't help looking back at his calm mien as he walked away with a gentle gait looking trim and trucked-in the simplest of office attire.

…Friday 11th November, 2016 was my second chance to meet with him in person courtesy of CRCP in Lagos. Again I was acutely struck by his looks which remain the same, entirely without guile and blemish.

I hadn't bothered to seek him out like many of my friends have done in the past, because I couldn't picture him as one I could ever benefit from, or one who could ever find time to listen to what I had to say given that there are a myriad of hands milling around him constantly in need of help and seeking his attention. But Friday 11th November, 2016, I became an admirer of the erudite Senator. This is because it occurred to me that there is so much to learn directly from him about himself and the real activities of our government if one could only listen with an open mind.

The interactive session organized by CRCP in Lagos on that day prove to me, in particular, that if I have the privilege of being in the presence of some of our representatives like Senator John Owan Enoh and listened to their lives journey as they attempt to use the instrumentality of government at various levels to attract infrastructures and empower the masses in their constituencies, I won't be so quick to judge them as being marginal, partial, unhelpful and insensitive to the plight of the people…


Lekan K.Obi owns Entertainment World Int'l Limited and Capt. Kingsley Consulting Limited; He is indigene of Boki LGA in the Central Senatorial District of Cross River State and a member of CRCP in Lagos.

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