Victim Of Fake Prophecy Begs Dickson For Intervention, Says: Help Me Before This Prophet Kills Me Or Gives Me Madness

Victim Of Fake Prophecy Begs Dickson For Intervention, Says: Help Me Before This Prophet Kills Me Or Gives Me Madness

Mr Seiyefa Sayou, the man who donated his car to a Bayelsa prophet, Apostle Kingsley Abiekunogho of the God is Able Mega Fire Ministry is begging the state governor, Seriake Dickson to intervene and save him from being killed by the prophet or his boys, for insisting that he must get his car back.

Although the case is currently before a magistrate court in Yenagoa, Sayou told TNN that after Wednesday's appearance in court, some boys from the church threatened his life the more and warned that they would deal with him for embarrassing their pastor.

Last Wednesday when the matter came up, the pastor's loyalists had stormed the court and attacked journalists who attempted to take video shots of the pastor as he walked out of the court.

They even damaged the camera belonging to one of the media houses, while also injuring some of the journalists. It took the quick intervention of the police to save the journalists. One of the boys was arrested and taken to the police station.

Sayou said in an online interview that the threats to his life had not ceased. In fact, he said some of the church members were telling him that he could be punished with madness spirit, for daring to take back what he had given to God.

He also said that some elders of the church had invited him for a peace meeting, but that he refused to honour the invitation because  the prophet was said to have insisted that the meeting must hold in his church.

“Yes he want me to come to his church for settlement and I refused. I told them this settlement must be on a neutral ground. Some elders came in his name without his permission but promised to discuss with him.

I was afraid to go. The other man called (names withheld) tried his best to settle it but Kingsley(the prophet) told him that we should come to his church for settlement. I was afraid because the matter is in the court, he can accuse me of anything, to do spiritual incantation to me.

“There still threats to your life. The members where insulting me and promise to deal with me(after the court session). I don't know what they mean by that; maybe to kill me or the pastor will send madness to me, or take the life of my children.

“I fear that the pastor may harm me. I still want my car. I am appealing to the state governor His Excellency, Hon Henry Seriake Dickson to look into this matter because my life is being threatened by the pastor and his followers.

“Hold this pastor responsible if I die or go mad by any chance because that is what they preach to members; if any one gives God something and goes back to collect them you either die or go mad because it has happened to many people that do so. If anything should happen to me and my family between now and the next 10 years, hold this pastor responsible.”

Sayou had claimed to have been hypnotized by the prophet into surrendering his SUV to him as a seed, on the grounds that certain needs he had would be met by God over a particular period of time.

But since last year when the prophecy was given, nothing happened. He then approached the prophet to return his car, after he came back to his senses. When the prophet refused to yield, the police were brought in. The case is currently in court

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