New Rivers Urban Dev Commissioner Talks Tough,… PH Air Still Unsafe

New Rivers Urban Dev Commissioner Talks Tough,… PH Air Still Unsafe

Newly inaugurated commissioner for urban development planning in Rivers State, Dr Reason Onya has spoken of his determination to return Port Harcourt to its original garden city status.

The commissioner said it was embarrassing that the state capital was gradually becoming a slump, with structures emerging at all corners without concern for the aesthetics for the town.

His commitment to a facelift for Port Harcourt is coming at a time that the government is taking steps to take away traders from the streets.

Earlier attempts have always failed. Successive governments have not been able to achieve the dream of having a clean and beautiful government.

Of late though, the governor, Nyesom Wike has made efforts to beautify some parts of the town, especially the Air Force flyover axis overlooking the amusement park.

But Onya said on resumption of work that Rivers people should watch out to see the emerging new Port Harcourt city. He said he was seriously committed to ensuring that the town wore a new look.

Meanwhile, residents of Port Harcourt may still not be safe, with the polluted air they are still breathing.

Air Quality Index Classifications

The air in a city is rated safe when it has an Air Quality Index between 0 t0 50, rated moderate when it has an AQI between 51 to 100, rated unhealthy for sensitive groups when it has an AQI of between 101 to 150, rated unhealthy when its AQI stands between 151 to 200, very unhealthy when it stands between 201 to 300 and declared hazardous when it is above 300.

A recent air quality index report showed that Port Harcourt has an AQI of 190, meaning it is unhealthy to live in.

PM2.5 are atmospheric particulate matter (PM) that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers, which is about 3 per cent the diameter of a human hair. The government is yet to do something visible about the sooth crisis in the city.

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