Repentant Ogoni Cultist Confesses On Murder, Sea Piracy Activities

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Repentant Ogoni Cultist Confesses On Murder, Sea Piracy Activities

A repentant cultist from Ogoni land, Rivers State, Mr Natur Dumale Kieghe has made open confessions on his criminal activities, including robbery, sea piracy just as he has said he is committing the rest of his life to the liberation of those who are still engaged in such activities.

Kieghe spoke in an interview with TNN, on the sideline of an event organised for those willing to shun cultism. He said as a cultist, he committed various atrocities, some of which he could no longer remember.

He said “I am coming from a horrible pit, like the Bible describes it, I am coming from the darkest part of darkness, there was no light; I was confused, frustrated, I lost focus, I lost direction as a result of getting involved into the cult, and that led to worshipping idols.

“I did so many horrible things, I started stealing to sustain my smoking drug habit, my womanizing habit, my clubbing habit, my patronizing of prostitutes, my life was a circle, same thing everyday, I could hardly sleep in the afternoon because I was being hunted.

“I was not organized in anyway because I had enemies everywhere so I was in one location, on daily basis, I was relocating from one location to another.” He said he started a new life from the day someone preached to him in his salon.

 “ I got arrested by God in my barbing saloon along Mile 3. There, God used a young lady called Grace Dwell, the wife of Pastor Dwell to reveal himself to me and I got born again, what am doing now is giving back to humanity for the damages I caused.”

Kieghe was asked to hazard a guess on the number of people he killed in the course of his exploits as a cultist. His response: “I am not sure I will have the time to put all that into records and also for some reasons; but actually my name is a household name, I got too involved and I got to the peak of it, yeah I got to the peak of it and everywhere was badly affected, everywhere was affected.

Did he also cause havoc in his community: “Yes, let me talk about my community because that's the last place I went to do restitution. I come from Kono in Khana, I set up gang in that community that was involved in piracy, to make sure that every vehicle that passed along our costal line, we robbed them on daily basis.

“You can't imagine how far we went, and so there was suspicion everywhere but nobody was able to lay hands on me for years  because I was not caught in the act on any occasion, but after I got born again, I went back to the chiefs and the community to tell them of my involvement in all that; I gathered the chiefs and community and publicly told them I was involved in all that.

What about those you carried out those operations with?

Most of them are dead, many were killed during our operations, many died in the course of cult activities, some died in the process of stealing, some died through overdose of drugs. God's love saved me, God apprehended me, I don't have a life anymore, I don't have a social life, I don't even have a life for myself, I don't have identity, my identity is lost in Christ, I don't have affection for women anymore, I can't go to night club, I can't socialize, all I do is God's work.                                         

How much are you giving back to the society?

God compelled me to use the resources he provides for me to do rescue, am the executive director of youth rescue international development organization, we go to prisons; Ahoda prison, Degema prison, Port Harcourt prison, sharing my testimonies, talking to people who are in detention.

We go to anti-cultism side to preach, we also give our phone numbers and our office address in D-line to them, and so if you come out of this place and want to get transformed we can take the responsibility and get you transformed, we also go to communities to do programmes, just to create awareness and  sensitization, but the most important thing is that we have a facility for young people because one of the challenges we have seen over time as we talk to people about living a new life is the fact that they don't have where to go to, after they have accepted to follow  Christ.

It's very difficult to break out of the cult because of the blood covenant, blood oath and you see the blood oath goes beyond you, it affects the bond, the confraternity, there is an oath that everyone who is a cult member took never to leave the cult until he dies. It becomes very dangerous to leave the cult, that's why too many people die in the process but you see when Jesus Christ is involved, his blood speaks better things than any other blood, it was that same blood of Jesus that spoke in my life. So we have a residential center where people who are like I was are kept, fed and educated for a period of six months here in Port Harcourt, along Rumuigbo while those whose case is very critical like cult group looking for them are sent to our Jos residence.

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