I’ll Kill The Pastor Who Killed My Wife, Baby. He Must Die, Says Husband Of Slain Woman

I’ll Kill The Pastor Who Killed My Wife, Baby. He Must Die, Says Husband Of Slain Woman

Joseph Uchenna Ezenwa, 39, stormed the Port Harcourt office of TNN on Saturday looking sombre and very moody.  He came with a simple message to the police and all those who will be involved in the prosecution of the General Overseer of the Alter of Solution Church, Oyigbo, Rivers State, Chidiebere Okoroafor, currently in police detention for killing his wife, Ada Concilia Ezenwa, baby and the choir mistress of the church, Ugomma Onwuegbu, who was pregnant for the pastor.

His visit to TNN came barely 24 hours after the pastor admitted to killing his wife and 9-months old baby, as well as the choir mistress, with the unborn baby. The killer pastor who was paraded before journalists on Friday had begged the two families to forgive him for killing their loved ones. He had blamed his action on the devil.

But a distraught  Ezenwa who shed tears while talking to TNN said the pastor must pay the supreme price for his action. 

“If I see that pastor now, I have nothing to tell him than to kill him. If I see him around me, I will kill him. This life I am living now is meaningless. This is the first fruit of my life, my little child and the woman who I so much love, my wife who had wisdom to develop my life. I will kill him and die too,” Ezenwa said, just as he warned the police to be mindful of the way the matter was being handled, because if they mess up with the case and allow the pastor to go free, he would kill himself.

This is what he said: “This incident of my wife's disappearance, which later becomes death was on 11th of December, I went out on my normal hustling business. I came back and I couldn't find my wife. I was searching for her all over until around 10.30pm, when my neighbour who is an Assemblies of God member was coming back from crusade, which is my closest neighbour.

“I asked her of my wife, she shouted, oh, they have not come back since then? That they left to Pastor Chidiebere's house since morning, that she(my wife)came to her in the farm while she was working and told her that Pastor Chidiebere pregnant(sic) her friend, Ugomma and now invited Ugomma to come that day to discuss how they will solve the matter.

“Then I went the next day and got the pastor arrested. Wednesday morning, the police called me, that they discovered the corpse of a little child and a woman at Egberu Road, after Daewoo, so I went and behold, it was my daughter who is(sic) sucking, that my wife went along with. Then I saw the body of Ugomma that the pastor impregnated. We couldn't find my wife.

“After four days, the police called me again, that they have seen the corpse of my wife at the backyard of the pastor, just two poles through. We went there and behold it was my wife, decomposed already. They took her to the mortuary. All this while, this pastor has been denying. It was last week he opened up and confessed. Now, he is pleading, and his pleading has nowhere to go because we cannot cure the pains of losing my wife or my daughter or the money I spent before that baby could be delivered to this world.

“You see me like this, I am nobody because of that pregnancy. She took in, at the age of two months pregnancy, she developed complications-tumour. The baby could not breath again. I walked all round this Port Harcourt and no doctor could do it. We looked for foreign doctor who gave her one injection that sustained her until three months before she operated her and bring(sic) out the tumour and took the baby back to the womb. After nine months, which is extra four months, the doctor opened that place again and bring(sic) out this child. This child did not die, my wife did not die. After the operation, my wife could not walk for six months. No blood in her again. She dried. With the support of her family and my sweat, we struggled until we got her back to form. This period this idiot (the pastor) killed her and my child was when she is (sic) fully fit. She had already resumed her normal business and this man just killed her. So, his pleading has nowhere to go. He must pay for it and his family must pay for it.

“The way he wiped them off, so shall justice take over. The forgiveness can't go anywhere. How will I start forgiving him? Is it the over N1.4 million we spent on the delivery of the child and saving the life of my wife? Or the money we spent in rebuilding her blood? What about the baby?

“Is it the destiny of my wife or my child that he wiped off? He must die. I want him to die. That is what justice requires. All I want is justice.

“They told me that the crime is life sentence. All I want is justice. It is just that one child that I had. To start all over again and get married again? To start all over again? To born child again? No. It is unbearable. If you look me now, you will know that the man has taken away my joy. You can imagine, how can I be able to endure? What is his begging for? I am going to 39 years old. The man has taken away my means of happiness. The two people I see and I get happy, I cannot see them anymore.

“What I will not like is for the police to do anyhow in favour of the man. If they do, I will kill myself for them and they will pay for my blood. Let them prosecute this man and let justice take its course. That is all I want.”

He also expressed the suspicion that the pastor must be a ritualist. He urged the police to intensify investigations to be able to unravel all those that work with the pastor. He said last week, the woman who revealed the wife's whereabouts to him was accosted by some men at the Oyigbo railway line recently and that they attempted to snatch her baby, but for the intervention of passersby.

Chidiebere was said to have started his church at the Ayama community, Afam where a child got missing, forcing him to relocate to the present location at Izuoma, Oyigbo.

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