Group Mobilises Nigerian Youths To Register, Vote Against Buhari

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Group Mobilises Nigerian Youths To Register, Vote Against Buhari

National Chairman, Youth Coalition for Good Governance, Emmanuel Hart has flagged off her sensitization campaign in various parts of the country on the importance of the PVC as the only panacea to guarantee a change in government in 2019.

Speaking with TNN during one of the events in Port Harcourt, the chairman condemned the spate of killing of law abiding citizens of the country and the attendat suffering being suffered by the citizens, describing the government of Mohammadu Buhari as a failure.

“PVC is the answer, our vote must count, power must change hand come 2019; with PVC, we will definitely correct the mistake, The administration of Buhari has failed and continued to fail the desperate masses whose expectation for good governance has heightened astronomically in vain.

“We need a government that will stand up for the common good of all Nigerians regardless of faith, religion or political inclination, we need a government that will commit to invest for all, investing in the roads that unite, in the bridges that bind, in the railways that connects. Investing in creating heroes as they were meant to be by our founding fathers which clearly demonstrate in the field of champion that victory has nothing to do with faith or ethnicity but have everything to do with hard work and tenacity.

“If we have a government that invests in all of this, then there is hope, sadly as it is, this government can't provide jobs for her teeming youths and loans for start up businesses. We need a government that will invest for equal opportunities for all Nigerians”.

Hart described laws under Buhari's administration as uncertain and of double standard, stating that the justice system operational in the country was blind to those in government and to the ethnic groups of the president but visible to the opposition and all perceived enemies.

“As a civil society organization, we believe the best way to defend the peace of a nation that is in trouble is not by bullets or bombs but by bringing progress to the people; it is that progress that will restores the faith of the people.

 “It is not enough for the federal government to preach one Nigeria with its mouth, we must preach one Nigeria with its architects and builders, with its teachers and its extension workers. We must preach one Nigeria by building roads and  bridges and hospitals and railways, we must preach one Nigeria by bringing progress that is inclusive to all no matter the tribe or religion.”

 so that now in this time of heightened ethno-religious tension the need for Good governance, economic inclusion and call for restructuring has never been this higher, we must learn from the recession we went through occasioned by worsening social economic contradiction, maladministration unrealistic goals and bad government policies”.

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