EX-NDDC Chief Faults Obasanjo Over Letter To Buhari

EX-NDDC Chief Faults Obasanjo Over Letter To Buhari

A former commissioner on the board of the NDDC who represented Cross River State, Prof Eyo Etim Nyong has faulted the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo over the content of his recent letter to the president, Muhammadu Buhari.

Nyong said in a telephone interview on Friday that at best, Obasanjo would have taken time to look at the issue of restructuring of the country.

He also wondered whether the former president planned to draw membership of the coalition party he was contemplating, from the same APC and the PDP which he had berated in his letter.

In fact, Nyong who described the people that may join Obasanjo in the coalition party as Internally Displaced Politicians from the two leading parties,-APC and PDP- also said they would not go far.

“I think that as a former president, he should have been a bit more cautious, looking at his own past records. For me, it does not really make sense to jump up and criticise somebody like that.

“For all the years he was in power, there is no sector of the economy we can say he guided this country successfully. I had thought he would have focused more on restructuring or devolution of power to the states, rather than consider bringing in another political party.

He said whereas Obasanjo was unable to revive the economy during his eight years rule, Buhari had done so much to put the economy on track, and wondered why Obasanjo should not support the President to do more for the country.

“Would we call it IDPs? Probably, he is looking at taking people who are not comfortable in the PDP or the APC. So, it may be a gathering of IDPs. If it is the same set of politicians, it will not make any sense. It will not bring the change that Nigeria needs.

“I expected him to focus more on restructuring issues that could get Nigeria out of the condition we find ourselves presently, rather than put all the blame on Buhari.

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