IYC Can’t Endorse Buhari For Second Term

IYC Can’t Endorse Buhari For Second Term

President of the Ijaw Youths Council, Mr Pereotubo Owielaemi  has disassociated the IYC from any action that tends to create the impression that the president, Muhammadu Buhari got their endorsement for a re-election.

He was reacting to reports that the Abuja chapter of the IYC had endorsed Buhari for a second term election. According to him, it was impossible for the IYC to take such an action.

“As a chapter, they(Abuja chapter) don't have the powers to endorse anybody. However, a few days ago we read in the social media that Abuja chapter endorsed Mr president for second term in office.

“Coincidentally, I was in Abuja too so I summoned the Abuja chairman and his exco to a meeting to explain what they know about the purported endorsement.  So in the meeting with some stakeholders in Abuja, the chairman explained that the Abuja chapter never endorsed anybody.

“But when some stakeholders and I who spoke and showed them evidence of the endorsement, the chairman said that other people may have infiltrated the peace procession with some inscriptions supporting Mr president, but that it didn't come from them.

After all said and done, it was resolved in the meeting that the Abuja chapter IYC should immediately refute that because it is never the position of the Ijaw nation.”

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