...Etiebet Fumes

...Etiebet Fumes

On Saturday evening,  2nd December, 2017, I, Chief Don Etiebet, CON, Chairman of the State Caucus of APC, together with the State Chairman of APC, Dr. Amadu Attai and the State Secretary, Dr Efiong Etok, issued a press release "That there was no election at all according to the provision of Electoral Act 2010(as amended)  in Akwa Ibom State for the Local Government Councils. That we reject in its entirety any concocted result that AKISIEC may wish to announce to the general public" in this regard.

  1. personally on Sunday morning issued another statement directing to the Government of Akwa Ibom State and all the Security Agencies in the State through the Social Media, questioning why AKISIEC had not announced any results up to that time on Sunday. That the law requires that the election results be announced at the polling units after the polling, collated at the Ward Akisiec Centres and announced for councilors and eventually collated at the LGA AKISIEC Office and announced for the chairmen. That was not done in any place in the whole State.

Then later Sunday afternoon I saw a press statement signed by Elder Aniedi Ikoiwak, Chairman AKISIEC that election was conducted and "Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) won the 31 Chairmanship and 329 Councillorship seats respectively" in the State.  He went on to say that "Details of Scores as submitted by our Field Officers will be made available by the Field Operations/Logistics Department of the Commission" in due course. That's even indicting himself that at the time he issued the press Statement the scores were not available to him. And what reason or authority did he adduce to issuing this Statement because although he is the AKISIEC Chairman, the law does not allow him to announce the results by a Press Statement on the AKISIEC Letterhead  from his office in Uyo but the law states that it is the responsibility of each Returning Officer, individually announcing those results at their respective locations and giving copies of the results  so announced to Party Representatives, security personnel(police and/or SSS) present. That was not done anywhere in Akwa Ibom State till now. I challenge AKISIEC to produce one documentary evidence to that effect.

The truth of the matter is that there was no election conducted anywhere in Akwa Ibom State according to the law and due process. The fact of the matter is that PDP assigned leaders per LGA with their armed thugs, assisted by some real/unreal security personnel, diverted the election materials including the result sheets and ballot papers to unknown destinations where they filled the result sheets and thump printed  the ballot papers. The filled result sheets are what Elder Aniedi Ikoiwak announced as 31/31 for Chairmanship and 329/329 for councillorship seats in the Sate respectively.  The thump printing of ballot papers to coincide with the allotted ballots to their declared candidates is what Ikoiwak referred to as "details of the scores will be made available". Mind the word "will" meaning in due course in future. I bet you, this  will take time to come out  as Ikoiwak's "Field Officers" get engaged with the "Field Operations/Logistics Department of the Commission"  in matching arithmetic of figures of declared scores and ballots from top down. One wonders how election results are announced without scores at the same time!! There is nowhere in the world that has ever happened. It can only happen in Akwa Ibom State.

The above analysis shows and confirms that there was no election as it should be done according to the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended) into the Local Government Councils.

That leads me to pose the question

       " Did You Vote"?  as the heading of this Statement by me.

I ask the Youths, the Women, the Men, Elders, all eligible voters in this State ‎, in your clear conscience and sincerely as a Christian, cross your heart and say . I voted or I didn't vote during the LGC elections of 2nd December 2017 because there was no election conducted in my polling unit. Say it out truthfully your children and children's children life depend on it.

I ask all the security personnel‎ assigned to keep peace and monitor the elections at all polling units, collation centres and LGA HQS, in all honesty and sincerity,  cross your hearts and say truthfully that the elections into LGC were conducted freely and fairly or NOT and I saw election materials, result sheets delivered to the units I manned or NOT. Say it out, the future of your country depends on conducting free and fair elections for proper development and welfare of the security personnel and as law enforcement officers you are entrusted with that responsibility to ensure free and fair and transparently conducted elections. To save this country, we all must start to speak in TRUTH.

And I say to Governor Udom Emmanuel, that it is utterly  disgraceful and shameful that a week to this election President Muhammadu Buhari, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces invited you to accompany him to the EU-AU Summit in Ivory Coast, sitting down in the same Cabin with you in the plane and showing you to the world as  a democrat but you came back to allow the most unprecedented rigged election in Akwa Ibom State where your AKISIEC Chairman, appointed by you declared 31/31 Chairmanship and 329/329 councillorship seats for your Party, PDP without scores of the votes. Contrary to Mr President, with all his power, he  allowed  free, fair and transparent elections to be conducted in Anambra State so that whosoever the electorate wanted would win which ended with an opposition Party  to the President's party winning with no protest, no rejection of results, no court action and the failed candidates congratulated the winner, bringing about peace and tranquility in Anambra State but  you as Governor of Akwa Ibom State went out to preside over that sham and fraud announced by your appointee, Elder Aniedi Ikoiwak. I call upon you to reject what Ikoiwak announced if not orchestrated by your instrumentality and cancel the so called election for your integrity sake. Power belongs to God and as a Deacon of the Qua Iboe Church I expect you to rule with the fear of God and not to talk only with your mouth but not with your heart.  How would you explain that all those million people who locked down Uyo, filling the stadium and surrounding premises during the APC Rally on the 18th of November could not produce one councilor on the December 2nd election. Of course, everybody including your own PDP leaders know the whole thing was a farce when one of them Was upped me with this statement: " Atuekong, politics is a game where different strategies are employed to achieve an expected end. I guess the end justified the means". That is, the rigging is justified by the declared results by Elder Ikoiwak. No dice no rule of law in your ways. God will judge us all and one day there shall be a free and fair election in this State and the people will have a chance to express their will.

I believe we all have a duty to bequeath a lawful society to our children and grandchildren even if our grandfathers and fathers bequeathed a rotten society to us.

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