Cameroonians In Calabar Vow To Fight On

Cameroonians In Calabar Vow To Fight On

The political turmoil in Cameroon may not abate soon as citizens of the country, mostly from the Anglophone region living in Calabar and parts of Cross River State have vowed to use all means to attract international support to sustain their quest for a separate country, known as Ambazonian Republic.

After the October 1st, 2017 declaration of Ambazonian Republic by separatist movements in the region, the Cameroonian authorities ordered a clamp down, resulting in killings of citizens of the country, while others fled, leading to an influx of refugees into Nigeria.

 Spokesperson of the Cameroonians, Michele Orock, pleaded at an event with Nigeria and the international community to protect them as the situation in his country has become nightmarish.

Orock, who said many of them have been resident in Calabar for some years and have been very disturbed over the death of their loved ones back home, added: "We keep tab with daily developments in our country. We hear of the killings of our siblings, and loved ones over the struggle to ensure sovereignty of the Southern Cameroon. We detest Paul Biya's action. We in the Diaspora will do all in our power to sustain the struggle. We, however, thank Nigeria's government for providing succour to our refugees."

Also, the parliamentary groups of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) in the Senate and National Assembly of Cameroon, in a statement which was distributed at the event, described the situation in the Anglophone region of Cameroon as disgusting.

According to SDF, "life in Anglophone Cameroon is now nightmarish. People are being chased out of their homes into the bushes, which reason there is increasing number of refugees in neighbouring Nigeria.  This unjustified mass killing of innocent, unarmed civilians and military personnel from Anglophone region in murky circumstances is most unacceptable.”

A Cameroonian in exile in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Bishop Simon Apana, thanked the Federal Government of Nigeria and Governor Ben Ayade for the proactive action taken to stem the influx of Cameroonian refugees into parts of Cross River State.

Apana urged Nigeria to offer more support to the Anglophone Cameroon to ease further influx of refugees into Nigeria, adding that from intelligence reports available to him, authorities in Cameroon were planning to accuse Nigeria of lending support to Anglophone Cameroon since they have been unable to lobby President Muhammadu Buhari against the struggle.

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